Sandwich Shop Opens in Restroom -- Sloppy Joe Anyone?

meatball sandwichNothing like grabbing a delicious sandwich on a warm spring day, right? Especially when that sandwich shop is nestled on the beautiful, lush grounds of the Boston Common. Ahh, kick back. Life is good. Wait, before you take that bite of roasted turkey goodness, you should know that your sandwich was made in what used to be a public restroom.

Yes, a restroom. A bathroom. A potty. Now before you go trashing a perfectly good sandwich, take solace in the fact that the chain, Earl of Sandwich, is only setting up shop in what was a restroom in the 1920s. What? That's, like, decades of non-bathroom usage.

I would still eat there. I think.


The only thing that is kind of grossing me out a little is the fact that the slogan for Earl of Sandwich is "world's greatest hot sandwich." Something about "hot" coupled with a bathroom makes me not want to eat sandwiches. Call me crazy. Oh, like you weren't thinking that, too!

In all seriousness, though, I think it's fine. I would eat there. My rule of thumb typically is if a restaurant or eatery hasn't been used as a place of pooping and peeing for 20 years minimum, it's good to go.

And besides, everyone knows that all sorts of gross stuff goes on behind the swinging door at restaurants. Things like rats, cockroaches, employees putting your cheese up their nose. It happens.

The restaurant will be clean. Earl of Sandwich will make sure of it. They are going to do everything in their power to guarantee that the place is spick and span at all times -- because Lord knows the minute a customer finds one piece of wilted lettuce, they will have to shut down from lack of business.

I would eat there. Would you? 


Image via Matej Novak/Flickr

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