'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: The Last Supper With a Twist!

top chef padma laksmi wolfgang puckLast night's episode of Top Chef All-Stars -- the last one before the finale -- went a little overboard with all the twists and turns, would you agree? Don't get me wrong: I'm always up for a good plot twist. But when you insist on reminding us 27 times that a twist is coming, it sort of ruins the whole element of expectation and surprise -- got that, Padma?


Let's take a look at all the "twists" that went down last night:

Twist #1: The Quickfire Challenge involved the three chefs assigning classic Quickfire challenges from past seasons to each other. As they bustled around cooking their dishes for guest judge Wolfgang Puck, host Padma Lakshmi sauntered into the kitchen with a -- you guessed it -- twist! Each chef had to assign a classic Top Chef twist to their competitors. A twist within in a twist? Unprecedented! (Richard had to cook one-handed; Mike couldn't use utensils; Antonia had to cook while attached to Carla by the apron. Mike won.)

Twist #2 and #3: Padma told the chefs to head back to their hotel to hear what the Elimination Challenge will entail. And guess what? (Twist alert.) They were to be joined by some special guests -- celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto, and Michelle Bernstein. The challenge: Cook the "last supper" for each of the three chefs. Oh, and there's also an envelope with the words "Top Chef" emblazoned on the front that contains yet another twist, but we can't find out what that is until later. Cue foreboding twist music.

Twist #4: The chefs cooked the last suppers. The guest judges were most impressed with Richard's meal for Wolfgang Puck -- goulash, spaetzle, and strudel -- and he automatically moves to the finale. Now, Mike and Antonia remained. Only one could go to the finale. How to decide between the two ... hmmmm ... what to do ... I know! How about a twist? Padma presented the envelope: Mike and Antonia must go head-to-head one last time in the kitchen cooking the perfect last bite. The winner would go to the finale.

Twist #5: The judges oohed and aahed over Antonia's grouper in coconut lobster broth; they seemed more hesitant about Mike's tempura lobster over beef tartare. We thought Antonia has it! But, alas, it's Mike who won in the end. Didn't see that twist coming. At all.

Twist #5 was definitely my least favorite twist of all. *Sad face*

Who do you think is going to win Top Chef All-Stars: Richard or Mike?

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