Bethenny Frankel Skinny Girl Sale Leaves Bad Taste in My Mouth

skinny girl margaritaI love me some Bethenny Frankel. Brutal, honest, entertaining, you bet I'm always watching Bethenny Ever After on Mondays. In the past few months, though, I feel like Bethenny has -- how do I put this eloquently -- kept it less real. And now that she's sold her Skinny Girl line, I feel like I don't even know her anymore.

First, she did (gulp) Skating With the Stars. That was rough for me to watch. I felt like I was seeing a part of Bethenny I shouldn't be. She seemed cautious, guarded, totally not comfortable. Then, in an episode of Bethenny, she mentioned wanting to move to Malibu. Um, what?! Bethenny, no. You belong in New York. You're so New York. And you going to Los Angeles will put us way too far apart, geographically-speaking. We could run into each other now. What if, when I'm leaving work tonight, I pass you on the street? You know we're going out for a drink and Kelly Bensimon bitch-fest.

And now the whole Skinny Girl thing? This is all happening too fast!


Bethenny sold the Skinny Girl brand to Fortune Brands Beam Global Spirits & Wine. She'll still market the brand, just as a partner instead of sole owner. Now I'm going to say something controversial here -- I've never tried the star of the line, Skinny Girl Margarita. I know, I know! How can a big Bethenny fan like me never have tried her signature low-cal cocktail? A few reasons.

One, I like m'wine. A lot. Mama needs her "medicine," as I like to refer to it. Lord knows what will happen to me without it. The other thing is -- I've never seen the drink mix when I'm out at the liquor store. Granted, I'm usually waist-deep in the pinot noirs, but I feel like I would have noticed if it were there. This doesn't surprise me, though. If you watch her show, you know that this has been a problem for Bethenny. Don't worry, though, Jason's on the case (well, he was).

Eventually, when I do try that Skinny Girl Margarita, it just won't be the same now. I imagined that with one sip I would be transported to your TriBeCa condo, and me, you, Jason, Bryn, Gina, and Cookie would all be sitting around, chit-chatting it up. Now it feels more like it's just going to taste like another mass-produced drink. Boo!

It's my fault, though, Bethenny. I let you down. I should have tried the Skinny Girl Margarita already. I'm a bad, bad friend.


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