Crazy Rich Guy Who Threw Cash at Starbucks Is My Hero

cashOrdinarily when you go to Starbucks, cash flies out of your pocket as you fork over the big bucks for that Venti triple-shot extra-hot sugar-free vanilla latte. But at a Boston Starbucks over the weekend, wads of cash were flying in the air, spread out all over the floor, even sticking to the ceiling!

I know what you're thinking -- how do I get cash to rain down at my Starbucks locale? Well, unfortunately, this seems to be a one-time only event: a mystery man walked into the coffee shop, yelled out, "I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!" and then threw 100 $1 bills into the air.

Can I tell you a secret? I think this guy is my hero. It's my dream to throw cash in the air!


The only thing more odd than this crazy man's bizarre outburst? The bystanders' reaction. Nobody ran to get the cash, if you can believe it. According to witnesses:

We all just sat there stunned. Nobody scrambled for the money like you would think they would.

Those are some pretty classy folks, if you ask me. As for the man himself? Well, Mr. Filthy Rich Guy walked out calmly like nothing at all had happened. Maybe people from Boston are simply more civilized than other people because if that same thing had happened at the Starbucks in my neighborhood, a riot would have broken out and police would have been called.

Even the baristas demonstrated restraint in the face of such lavishness and refused to claim the money as a tip. Allegedly they collected the money and donated it to relief efforts in Japan.

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you in Starbucks?


Image via Refracted Moments/Flickr

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