Taco Bell Gunman Did What We Wish We Could

taco bellWhen Taco Bell decided to raise the price of their Beefy Crunch Burrito, they probably considered customers' reactions. But it's doubtful that they suspected someone would react by shooting up a Taco Bell location with a BB gun! Sure enough, that's what went down yesterday in San Antonio, Texas. (Hey, by the way -- don't they have better Tex-Mex eateries down there than Taco Bell?!)

The shooting actually took place at the drive-through window. Upon hearing that his favorite burrito had gone up from 99 cents (which was really just a promotional price) to $1.49, the man shot his BB gun through the window at the Taco Bell's manager. But it didn't end there!

According to Reuters, the man waved a pistol and an assault rifle in the parking lot, and then went to a motel room, where he barricaded himself, sparking a 3-hour standoff that lasted until police lobbed tear gas inside and the man surrendered. Thankfully, no one was hurt.


Oh. Wow. All of this in the name of the Beefy Crunch Burrito, which probably isn't even made with real beef?

Yeesh! I wonder if it was actually the burrito price that tipped this guy off, or if he was a.) already out of his mind or b.) already riled up about something else and the burrito was the FINAL STRAW! It kind of makes me think of that scene in the 1992 version of Father of the Bride, where George Banks (Steve Martin) goes postal in the grocery store, because he wants to pay for the same number of buns as there are hot dogs. He removes the "superfluous buns." Hahaha!

Obviously, this was a more severe, real life illustration of that kind of frustration. Maybe it's kind of like a JetBlue flight attendant moment in a way. We're ALL sick of paying too much for food, too much for gas, too much for everything! Maybe this guy just ... took his frustration where we all kind of FEEL like taking it sometimes? (But don't for obvious reasons.)

I do kinda feel his pain. The price per pound at my local Whole Foods breakfast bar has gone up (by $1), and the price of a mani-pedi at my usual salon increased (by $5). That doesn't seem like a lot, but I gotta say, it is a little maddening when you're just going about your day, making an everyday purchase for an amount you expect to be one thing, and suddenly, you have to cough up more.

Of course, that's not necessarily an excuse to go whipping out various firearms and shooting people. You either just deal with it and pay the extra for your food or your mani-pedi, or you don't, and you go lament the downward spiral of the economy and this country to your friends.

Anyway, the Taco Rage guy (as he'll likely be referred to in the news for the next few days) will be charged with three counts of attempted capital murder and additional charges are possible.

That seems like a much heftier price to pay for a crappy burrito than $1.49, huh?

Are you frustrated by the rising costs of food and your other favorite, everyday purchases?

Image via Qfamily/Flickr

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