Woman Finds Condom in Milk & Other Gross Stuff


glass of milkStuff gets into our food and drinks. It happens. I challenge the person who says they’ve never found a hair in their pasta (blech) or a dead wasp in their turkey sub from Wegmans (true story). It’s gross, but if we want to eat, it’s an unfortunate fact of life we just have to deal with. A condom, though? That is just all kinds of wrong.

A woman in Sweden was pouring the last bit of filmjolk, a popular fermented milk, into her dog’s bowl when oops! Out came a condom. Oh, and the wrapper, a receipt, and a plastic ring.

I don’t know about you, but that’s just about the nastiest thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, I don't even know what to say here. Well, actually, I do: Barf.

Things, bad things, happened to me when I found that wasp. I couldn't eat for days. I couldn't lay eyes on an insect without my gag reflex being triggered -- and now this has brought all those hellish memories back. Times two!

Of course, this didn't stop me from taking a trip down Google Lane to see what other unbelievably disgusting things people have found in their food -- and let me tell you, a wasp is looking pretty good right now.

First, I stumbled upon the time Katherine Ortega discovered a fried chicken head in her Chicken McNuggets. Oof. Wow.

Then, I read about how Tim Hoffman found a frog in his bag of frozen veggies. Oh boy.

After that, I perused an article about Fred and Amy Denegri finding a mouse in their can of Pepsi. No comment.

But nothing -- and I mean nothing -- can top Clarence Stowers finding a severed finger in his pint of frozen custard! Mommy! Help!

Pretty yucky stuff, if I do say so myself. Kind of makes me want to never -- ever -- not grow my own food, wash it 17 times, and cook it myself again.

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever found in your food?

Image via striatic/Flickr

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ajbro... ajbrownies

Blech. The worst I found was at Applebees. I ordered a pasta for dinner and bit into a piece of glass. When I called the waitress over I showed it to her and she looked at me and said "Okay...."

I said "OK could you get your manager please?" Hello ding-dong.

I am not feeling too guilty about my fatty dinner tonight because this article just made me want to throw up..

tretr... tretresmom

Well I guess I am another lucky one because I have never found anything really bad in any of my food ( just an occasional hair )


Found a bug in my pop can one day, now I make sure to pour out all my pop into a cup to drink it. I will not drink out of a can anymore

nonmember avatar Dark-n-twisty

Once time the youth group at my old church went out for dinner at a buffet place and one of the youth leaders found maggots in his salad AFTER eatting half of the plate! It was SO nasty!! I still have trouble eatting at a salad bar to this day! Goo!

Tara Dukaczewicz

not food, but once I lit a cigarette and a HUGE maggot grub thing came crawling out.

nonmember avatar sarah obrien

I found a whole fingernail in a bag of ice. It ended up in my mouth when I found it!!! Ewwwwwwwwwww

dark-... dark-n-twisty

Once the youth group from my old church went out to eat at a buffet and one of the youth leaders found maggots in his salad AFTER eatting half the plate! It was so nasty I still have trouble eatting at a buffet to this day! Yuck!

nonmember avatar monica

When I was little I freaked out when I found a tooth in my burger. It was hilarious to everyone who was there, except for me of course, because it was own tooth.

babys... babysugars2006

I've found mouse turds in my cereal blech! gross (before I even got the milk, I noticed thankfully!)

If ya want to read more on stuff like this or like I do, check on "warning" emails before forwarding them, just go to snopes.com. Usually all warning-type emails I get are fakes and I always check on the stories first. Now, if I could just get my friends & family to do the same before they even send them to me........lol

Foxin... FoxinFlats

I found a bandaid in something my mother in law made... Imagine if I had told her! Now, whenever I eat at her house I want to gag. 


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