New French Burger Makes American Fast Food Look Healthy

Le Double MixLe Double Mix -- oh it sounds all nice and fancy, but this latest fast food abomination of a burger is a mess of fat and artery clogging calories. The good news, however, is it didn't come from an American establishment for once, and to that I say bon appetit!

Oh we've done our damage opening fast food franchises in the far corners of the world and introducing atrocities like KFC's Double Down and Denny's Fried Cheese Melt, but this time the impending damage to the world's health can't be blamed on fat Americans. The Le Double Mix comes from the French/Belgian fast food chain Quick, and it makes a Whopper look weak.


It contains two burgers on one bun. One side is slathered in a sauce au poivre, and the other is sloshed with a brie sauce. One side of the buns has seeds, the other is without them. But of course, no fast food patron should have to choose just one fatty flavor! There's also a fried chicken version that comes with sweet and spicy curries. Can't decide between the chicken or the beef? Hell, have both! It is said to be "the greatest pleasure of your taste buds," after all.

And to think how many times the French have turned up their snooty snail-eating noses at our American fare! No matter how much fancy French cheese you use, it's still a nutritional nightmare (the beef version contains 47.2 grams of fat and 794 calories). That whole French Women Don't Get Fat thing could be in serious jeopardy if the country keeps cranking out fare like this.

While it's nice to see America not have to take credit for another diet disaster, it's also a bit sad to see the whole MORE-is-mandatory and anything-goes extreme food movement moving to a country that has been known for its diet of rich foods, yes, but also for its restraint. On the bright side, we may eventually lose the nickname "fat Americans" as the rest of the world super-sizes itself as well.

What do you think of the Le Double Mix -- appetizing or appalling?

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