7 Really Funny Chocolate Bunnies

chocolate bunny smileTrying to build an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny is like the third pig building his house without any bricks. It cannot be done, my friend. Look what you did to the little guy at right just by THINKING about it!

It's time you learn, oh Easter basket builder, the secret of the season. The chocolate bunny is eminently more fun than anything in that basket. Take a nibble of his hiney or a nibble of his ears, and he starts to become a plaything -- who can make their bunny look the silliest?

You can throw him in the microwave and see how he melts down or take a solid chocolate rabbit and see how he breaks. And somehow, like snowflakes, no two bunnies ever come out of a kid's hands (and mouth) looking the same. Don't believe me? Take a gander at just how funny a bunny can look:


butts and ears bunnies

First up -- the classic butts and ears bunnies! The one on the left is undoubtedly saying things are a wee bit drafty in the ear. But he can keep on whining -- his buddy on the right can't hear him anyway!

hatchet bunny

When in doubt, go with the hatchet. The fillet knife just won't do when you need a chocolate fix, and you need it NOW.

finger puppet bunny

Who needs a new finger puppet? We do! Now, on with the show ...

bug eyes bunny

Yes, that's right, just a little off the top. It really brings out my bug eyes.

inside bunny

Oh, excuse me, didn't see you all peering in at me. I swear I had clothes on this morning, but this little boy seems to have removed them. Can you blame him? They were delightful!

How do you eat your Easter bunny?

Images via Falashad; Matt Ryall; Jeremy Bronson; Darin Barry; Waponi; Josh Parrish; all via Flickr

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