Marvelous Moon Food for Supermoon Viewing Tonight

moon pieAre you ready for the supermoon tonight? It's going to big and beautiful -- the biggest in almost 20 years, according to some. Eyes around the world will be drawn upward as the moon reaches perigee, the point when it's closest to the earth. That combined with the fact that it's going to be a full moon should make for an incredible night.

Whether you throw a moon viewing party or just enjoy it from your own backyard with a special someone, it's too good of a theme to pass up without festive fare. Here's a fabulous moon-themed menu to get you in the moon mood for viewing tonight:


Blue Moon Martini

Cocktails first, I always say. All you need is some gin and Blue Curacao, and drinks are ready. Just don't drink too many, or you may be howling at the moon.

Half-Moon Cheese Pies

Up next -- appetizers. These savory little pies are filled with feta cheese, raisins and pine nuts. Yum!


Pierogi in honor of Perigee is perfection. Plus, these little Polish dumplings are delish anytime!

Harvest Moon Macaroni

Delicious, creamy, and appropriately cheesy, since many of us grew up thinking the moon was made  of cheese ... or was that just me?

Moon Pies

Of course, moon pies are the perfect end to the night. You can pick some up at the store or whip some homemade ones up yourself with this recipe.

Naturally, moon/mood music is order as well. "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra is a great place to start.

Are you planning to celebrate the supermoon tonight?

Image via doberes/Flickr

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