Woman Gets Painful Surprise in Her Chili's Mashed Potatoes

chili's restaurantYou expect most stories about restaurant lawsuits to be totally revolting -- bugs or random body parts found in food, horrific cases of food-poisoning, etc. But this story takes the gross factor to a whole new level.

A woman in New Mexico is suing Chili's after she allegedly found a large sewing needle hidden in her mashed potatoes. The only thing worse than the fact that she found the sharp metal object in her food is how she found it: It pierced all the way through the side of her tongue!

It doesn't seem possible, but the story went even more downhill from there ...


Ashley Phillips and her husband alleged that Chili's employees whisked the needle away as soon as she removed it from her tongue; however, they apparently were able to catch a glimpse of it, and they said it was about 2 inches long and was "burned-looking."

When the woman's doctor requested the needle for testing, Chili's refused to turn it over. Ultimately, it took the company 52 days to get the needle sent to a lab for testing. During that time, Phillips had to stop nursing her 2-month-old son, Darrian, for fear that she had contacted a serious disease from the needle.

Since then Ashley and Darrian have tested clean for AIDS, Hepatitis, and other infections, but they have to go back for more testing in a year. But in the meantime, the couple is suing Chili's for emotional damages, because as Ashley explains: "I had to stop nursing my son ... nursing is so important for an infant's health and emotional development ..."

If Phillips' story is, in fact, true, I can definitely see how she has a case. Having a hidden needle in your food pierce through your tongue is emotionally damaging enough -- not to mention not knowing if you and your baby contracted a serious illness from it! And, it makes me furious to think that Chili's was so slow to respond about something so potentially serious and dangerous.

Do you think this woman has a case against Chili's?


Image via andyphelan4/Flickr

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