Guinness Ice Cream Recipes for St. Patrick's Day


guinness ice cream
Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream
Anyone else out there catch the recent one-hour Food Network special called Bobby's Ireland? Celebrity chef Bobby Flay leads viewers on a "gastronomic journey" through Ireland, and I have to say it might be the first time I found myself craving the flavors of Ireland, a country's food that has never really tickled my fancy, even having traveled there in my 20s. However, Bobby's tour actually made my mouth water.

Catch the show if you can for gorgeous scenery, amazing local Irish food that goes way beyond potatoes, and -- the sweets teaser -- Guinness ice cream. Sounds like a perfect St. Patrick's Day addition to me!

Now I'm not a drinker anymore. Sober 10 years actually. However, I'll never forget the rich, delicious flavor of a Guinness, especially straight from an Irish pub. Wonderful ... 

So when Bobby Flay visited a shop in Dublin called Murphy's Ice Cream, where they featured locally flavored ice creams like Dingle Sea Salt, Brown Bread, Kilbeggan Whiskey, as well as Guinness ice cream, I was totally sold. And hungry for Irish-inspired ice cream.

If you're adventurous and want something new for St. Patrick's Day this week, luckily there are lots of delicious-sounding recipes to be found online.

5 Recipes for DIY Guinness Ice Cream:

Guinness Milk Chocolate Ice Cream (shown above) via the Cooking of Joy

Guinness Ice Cream from the Accidental Hedonist

Guinness Ice Cream With Dark Chocolate-Honey Sauce from Emeril Lagasse

Guinness Stout Ice Cream from Epicurious

Guinness Ice Cream With Chocolate-Covered Pretzels by Cory Barrett

Guinness with chocolate, Guinness with salty pretzels, Guinness with honey sauce -- yes, please to all of the above.

Would you try Guinness Ice Cream?


Image via joyosity/Flickr

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sstepph sstepph

ugh. gross

sodapple sodapple

oh yes!!! I love my Guiness draugth while hubby likes it stout but i would defenitely try it =-)

Pnukey Pnukey

No. Ick. I wouldn't ruin perfectly good chocolate ice cream with booze.

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I like this page!

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