Hate Corned Beef & Cabbage? What to Eat on St. Patrick's Day Instead


corned beef and cabbageWhen it comes to holiday eating, St. Patrick's Day usually comes with my least favorite fare. My Irish ancestors would probably disown me for saying this, but I hate corned beef and cabbage. I don't like either one that much alone, and together, they're even worse.

So over the years, I've sought out other Irish recipes so I can still show my Irish pride and honor the cuisine of the country, but not have to  choke down the corned beef and cabbage. Here are some other great Irish recipes to consider serving instead:

Soda Bread This version with whiskey-soaked raisins could almost be a meal in itself. Served warm out the oven it will make anyone's eyes smile, whether they're Irish or not.

Irish Potato and Leek Soup In remembrance of the great potato famine Ireland faced in the mid 1800s that sent many of our ancestors to this country, potatoes are in order. This soup is creamy and thick and packs some great flavor with lots of fresh herbs.

Shepherd's Pie Comfort food at its finest, there's no better day to enjoy it than St. Patrick's Day. For extra fun, you can even put some green food coloring in the potatoes or stir in some pureed broccoli.

Beef and Guinness Stew  Hearty with thick chunks of beef and vegetables, this is an amazing main dish alternative for St. Patrick's Day or any day.

Irish "Lime" Rick Martini If green beer isn't you thing, try this martini with a festive citrus splash. Shouting Erin Go Bragh! will be even more fun after a couple of these.

Chocolate Guinness Cake With Irish Cream Caramel Sauce The perfect decadent dessert, and that's no blarney!

Do you like corned beef and cabbage? What are your favorite Irish recipes?

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Lynette Lynette

my family is wild about Irish Beef & Cabbage soup.  We like to bring it to winter pot lucks and it is always a hit.  Men ask their wives to get the recipe for me, I love it.  Here is a link to it.  If you can't find celeriac then try potato in it's place. 

Julie... Julieryanevans

Thanks Lynette, those both sound great!

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

YUM! We love corned beef and cabbage, but will be adding a recipe or to from this column this year. Thanks for the recipes!

nonmember avatar missy

my mom makes colcannon, basicaly mashed potatos with bacon, cabbage, and tons of butter. i make corned beef, but i'm the only one ho really eats it, makes hubbie sick to his stomach to even taste it, and he's 1/4 irish!!!

truet... truetigress

We love the corned beef and cabbage. I fix it every year for our St Patty's Day get together. Since I have a few who can't eat corned beef and cabbage or just don't like it I like to shake things up and try other things.

We love colcannon. The first year I fixed it I got rave reviews so it's a staple. Tonight *as we celebrated this holiday this saturday instead* I fixed corned beef and cabbage, colcannon, an Irish Cottage pie, and Margaret's scones *I found it at http://www.food.com/ .* Normally I make it in cake pans but this time I thought I'd try making cookie cutter ones and OMG they were fantastic and just enough bread to please everyone! *shaped as shamrocks too *

As I am on facebook I got another recipe sent to my wall and thought I'd give it a try. I'm SO GLAD I DID!

It's called Shamrock Milkshake Cupcakes...and they were a delight!

Flamingo 331, I LOVE the idea of adding broccoli but instead of a puree I'd add the broccoli florets *my family LOVES broccoli!*

Thanks for the ideas!!!

Happy St Patty's Day!

Sandra Reay

I am 100% Irish, born and bred in Ireland, I had never even heard of corned beef and cabbage until I came to the USA. I do not like it, I don't know anyone at home who has it. Bacon and cabbage is popular but the only corned beef we eat is cold sliced from the deli or from one of those funny shaped cans with the opener ring on the side.

jagam... jagamama0710

Sandra - LOL! So funny. I actually read an article this morning talking about how corned beef and cabbage isn't really an irish thing. Good news for me, I also hate corned beef and cabbage. I think it's disgusting. Idk if I'll be making an irish themed dinner tonight. If I do it'll be shepherd's pie.

Zamaria Zamaria

Sandra took the words from my mouth! Corned beef isn't Irish! We eat BACON and cabbage. Actually, corned beef and cabbage is an Irish American tradition. Irish immigrants found that bacon was too expensive and started using the corned beef instead. Unfortunately, it's not the corned beef I don't like, or the bacon. It's the cabbage. I can't stand cooked cabbage. My mom made it at least once a week while I was growing up. Awful stuff, in my opinion. I like it raw though!

Allen Berge

The actual Irish Dish is a cut of pork and Cabbage. The Corned Beef part is strictly American. In fact, if you study history a bit, an Actual Irish born person would have no love of Corned Beef. English demand for the stuff resulted in Millions of Irish dying of starvation and being displaced from their homeland. Use Pastrami instead.

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