Woman Spends Entire Inheritance on Chocolate

chocolateYou'll admit it, right? You love chocolate, you crave it, and if there's one thing on the dessert menu you can't turn down a taste of, it's chocolate lava cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate bon-bons, etc. Or you treat yourself to the occasional square of Dove. But if you think you're the Queen Chocoholic, then you haven't heard about Mary Tetley.

The 45-year-old Englishwoman is in the news for her chocolate obsession! Upon passing, her mother left her £10K to "follow her dream." What did she do with it? She spent it on chocolate, of course! Oh, I am completely serious. And when it comes to cocoa, so is SHE!


Tetley spent the money on a three-month tour of some of the top chocolate spots in Europe, such as Belgium, Switzerland, and France. You know ... that could be a multimillion-dollar idea right there! If there isn't already a pre-set "gastronomical tour of European chocolates," there should be! I bet tons of women would book tickets. If I had the time and money, I certainly would.

Anyway, Tetley went off on this chocoholic tour, and tried truffles, chocolate pasta, chili chocolate, the works! And when she got back to the U.K., some people seemed kind of baffled that she spent her money that way. Really?? I'm not.

In fact, Tetley says her mother probably knew exactly what she'd do with the money! She told The Daily Mail:

Mum knew how much I adored chocolate -- it was a bit of a joke between us. I think mum loved chocolate too, but because she was a diabetic, she couldn't eat a lot of it.

Tetley's mom probably also knew that Tetley would end up opening her own chocolate shop. (Ooh, it's like a real life Chocolat tale!)

Even though chocolate is one of those things that we think of as a "guilty pleasure," who are we to judge if someone wants to make it their lifelong passion? It's a totally valid choice. And the sweet really is true love for Tetley, who says ...

Chocolate has been my all-consuming passion for as long as I can remember -- I can't get enough of the stuff.

I feel like, even though many women might SAY that, how many of us would build our life's play and work around chocolate? Not many. In fact, I bet some women would be terrified at the idea of being around "the stuff" all the time. Self-control is an issue around it. But Tetley seems to know exactly what she wants out of life -- family and chocolate ...

In my mind my shop keeps mum's memory alive for my daughter, Lili, four, who was only eight months old when she died. Mum left me that letter telling me to live my dream and that's what I've done.

It's just really cool how Tetley has been able to build a life around something she's so passionate about. To be her very own Willy Wonka and create for herself a chocolate-filled life, this woman is living not just her dream ... but seriously, it sounds like all of our dreams! More power to her!

What would you do if your mother left you $10,000 in her will to "follow your dream"?


Image via Martin L/Flickr

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