Registering for Restaurant Meals? What Nerve!

wedding giftsThe process of registering for wedding gifts can be soooo tedious, especially if fancy china just isn't your style or you've already been living with your betrothed and don't need a third toaster.

No wonder we all know couples who have broken with tradition and registered for an 82-inch television or even a honeymoon. This novel idea is in a similar vein: A online site, FoodieRegistry, allows engaged couples to register for high-end restaurant gift certificates.

Are you an engaged couple that can't afford to eat out at fancy schmancy restaurants? No worries -- just have your wedding guests foot the bill!


Actually, the idea of a restaurant registry is so brilliant, I'm pissed I didn't think of it myself! Couples use the site to make a list of restaurants they want to try and request specific amounts for each place. Gift buyers can either purchase a gift card for the requested amount or contribute a portion of the amount for the more high-priced options.

It's particularly perfect for couples who prefer to eat out (versus cooking at home) and, therefore, have little use for the traditional wedding registry items (pans, flatware, etc.). Plus, one could argue a restaurant gift certificate -- which the couple could use to plan a fun night out together -- is a little more thoughtful and romantic than, say, a spatula. Sure, it's nontraditional, but isn't the whole point of gift-giving to give someone something that they really want?

Currently, the service is only available in the following cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Miami, and Las Vegas. But the concept is so fun and versatile, there's little doubt it will expand to other cities before you know it.

Do you think a foodie registry is a good idea? Or do you prefer the more traditional wedding registry?

Image via Fristle/Flickr

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