Squeezable Bacon, Another Charlie Sheen Miracle?

squeezable baconAccording to the critics, Charlie Sheen's inaugural live Internet broadcast "Sheen’s Korner" over the weekend was little more than senseless drivel save for his mention of a product I think many foodies would trade their right arm for: squeezable bacon.

About four minutes into the broadcast, we learned that Sheen did, in fact, have sponsors including Blump's Squeezable Bacon. Given that bacon is the food trend that will never die, of course, listeners took to the Internet to discover where they could buy such a novel specialty product ...


Alas, squeezable bacon is -- at least for right now -- a fake product. (Try not to be too disappointed.) Blump's is actually a fictional company that appears on labels and advertisements (seen below) in several of writer-director Adam Rifkin's films -- including The Chase, which Sheen starred in.

Yes, it would appear that Sheen pulled a fast one on us. Would you expect anything less of the guy who's pushing tiger blood? And in the case of any future broadcasts, be on the lookout for these Blump's products: Lemon Fresh Suppositories, Pork Cube Dinners, Powdered Eggs, Weaselroni, Yam Sicles, and Pig Newtons. They're fake, too.

As it turns out, squeezable bacon isn't exactly a new concept: A similar product, Squeez Bacon, turned up on ThinkGeek some years ago. Sheen may have punked us, but perhaps we can take comfort in the fact that his practical joke wasn't even an original idea.

And, in the meantime, we'll always have Baconnaise.

Image via ThinkGeek.com

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