Hazelnuts Recalled for E. Coli Risk

hazelnutsNext up in foods to fear -- hazelnuts. After at least seven cases of E. coli were linked to them, the production company, DeFranco & Sons, has recalled their products from shelves across the country.

While the nuts haven't killed anyone, some people have become quite ill. According to the CDC, the seven people known to be affected fell ill in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota between December 20-January 28. Three of them had to be hospitalized.

According to a press release from the Food and Drug Administration, the hazelnuts (also called filberts by some) were distributed in the United States and Canada between November 2-December 22, 2010. Affected are the in-shell variety that were sold in 2-pound and 4-pound packages of mixed nuts, 1-pound packages containing only in-shell hazelnuts, and those in open bins of nuts in grocery stores under several different brand names. The full list of products and UPC codes is after the jump:

 BrandSizeProductSell by DateUPC
Sunripe 1 lb Large Hazelnuts 6/30/11  070533 000167
Sunripe 1 lb Mixed Nuts 6/30/11  070533 000143
Sunripe 2 lbs Mixed Nuts 6/30/11  070533 001003
None -- (sold as “Season’s Greetings”  Gift Pack) 4 lbs Mixed Nuts 6/30/11  070533 101024
Sunripe 50 lbs Imperial Mixed Nuts None None

50 lbs

Supreme Mixed Nuts None None
George Packing 50 lbs Hazelnuts Recall applies only to the products distributed by DeFranco & Sons between 11/2/10 to 12/22/10


It's important to note that some of the larger bags could have been repackaged and sold by other companies, so for the time being, I think I'll be avoiding any and all in-shell hazelnuts.The FDA advises consumers to throw out the known affected nuts and to contact DeFranco & Sons at 1-800-992-3992 with any questions, Monday through Friday from 2-4 p.m. Pacific Time.

With the Skippy Peanut Butter recall announced this weekend, these food recalls are starting to feel a little nuts. Sorry, but seriously, who would think wholesome, natural nuts would be dangerous? Just another reminder of how much need for improvement there is in this country when it comes to food safety. The only good news is there's no mention Nutella has been affected. Phew.

Do you have any of the recalled hazelnuts?

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