Mardi Gras 2011 Days Dwindling: Get Your Fat On!

Po' Boy SandwichMardi Gras is in full swing, and while the biggest party is in New Orleans, people around the world are celebrating from St. Louis to Sydney. There are parades and parties, beads and beer, and just a general anything-goes attitude as it all leads up to Fat Tuesday.

Fat Tuesday marks the last day of the celebration, which began January 6 and is officially called Carnival. It's the day of all Mardi Gras days to really whoop it up before the back-to-reality slap hits, the festivities come to a close, and the serious business of Lent begins Wednesday, March 9.

Since it's just days away, you should probably start thinking about the most important part of the day now -- what to eat. As the name implies, Fat Tuesday isn't about worrying about calories or fat or carbs, it's about indulging and caring less about your skinny jeans. It's one day a year you can eat like fat is a good thing. Here are some great Mardi Gras recipes whether you're throwing a party or just indulging at home:



Drinks are the first order of business when it comes to Mardi Gras, and this New Orleans classic is the perfect accompaniment to your meal. A mix of rum and fruit juice they're refreshing and potent -- they're not called hurricanes for nothing.


Seafood, sausage, rice, and vegetables all in one dish -- you almost need nothing else than this meal in a bowl that's a New Orleans tradition.

Po' Boy

There are many versions of the famous New Orleans sandwich from oyster to fried shrimp, but this roast beef version is one of my favorites, and a nice alternative for those who aren't fond of seafood.

King Cake Cupcakes

King cake is a traditional Mardi Gras food, but turning it into cupcakes can be even more fun. This great recipe from Baking Bites makes colorful festive individual little cakes.


The best part of every trip I've taken to New Orleans has been the beignets. These decadent little donut-like treats are amazing, and worth the work. This recipe from Paula Deen is perfection, and while she's not known for low-fat food (yes, there's shortening in them!), it is for Fat Tuesday after all.

Do you celebrate Fat Tuesday? What are you favorite Mardi Gras foods?

Image via MVI/Flickr

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