Is McLobster Too Fancy for Southerners?

mclobsterIt's back! Get out your bibs and that tin of drawn butter you've been hoarding in the basement because the McLobster is rumored to be hitting the New England and Canadian McDonald's locations in the coming weeks. I thought this was an urban legend, I mean, lobster at McDonald's? But no, it's true!

The famous hamburger and fries joint tweeted that the McLobster is served from time to time in some northern East Coast spots, but there's no plan to roll out this menu item nationwide.

WTF? You don't think we want McLobster in the McSouth? Canada gets everything.


First of all, everyone wants McLobster. It is a grave mistake, and a costly one I'm sure, to only keep the McLobster in local markets. McDonald's beef probably comes from Thailand, so why can't we fast-food lovers south of Boston get a little lobster in the off-season? Pack up the lovely crustaceans and ship, ship, shiperoo down the Eastern seaboard. I could go to town on a McLobster, fries, and small Coke, and I don't think I'm the only one.

Second of all, this McLobster is becoming my Chupacabra, my Moby Dick, my raison d'etre. Yes, there are plenty of real, authentic lobster roll stands and restaurants here in NYC, but it's not the same. I'm in it for the shtick, and for a picture of me stuffing my face with the elusive McLobster. It would be my best twit-pic ever.

If we can't get a McDonald's lobster roll outside of select New England and Canadian locations, could we at least get some special menu item for the NYC stores? I don't know what it could be (McPigeon?) but I just want to be able to compete, menu-wise, with our friendly neighbors to the north. McOyster Shooters? There's an idea. Pairs excellently with ketchup and sweet and sour sauce.

Would you like to try the McLobster, or are you McGrossed out by it?

Photo via meddygarnet/Flickr

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