Maggots in McDonald's Burger? We Scream 'McMaggots'!

mcdonalds cheeseburgerBefore taking a bite out of your next Big Mac, you may want to make sure you know what's in between those sesame seed buns. Cheese? Check. Lettuce, tomato, onion? Check. Pickles? Check. Twenty to thirty wriggling maggots crawling around in the meat? Check me into a hospital, please.

A Melbourne, Australia man claims this is exactly what he found when he got his food to go. All he wanted to find on his Big Mac were the extra pickles he'd ordered, not the extra fly protein. So what did McDonald's do?


They refused to give him a refund, for starters. He took it back to the restaurant and was told there was nothing they could do. Then, naturally, he went to the police, but he got nowhere with them, either. Serving Maggot Burgers isn't an arrestable offense Down Under.

A rep for McDonald's told the Harold Sun that they want the burger back so they can investigate and/or verify the customer's complaint. The customer hasn't decided if he wants to send it back, and lab tests on the burger could take up to a month.

Why would this guy hesitate to send the burger for testing? That sounds fishy. Seems like he would jump at the chance to have his point proven. Instead, he insists all he wants is an apology and a refund. Either this guy is one of the least litigious, most magnanimous people on Earth, or he's hiding something. I'd have my maggot burger sent in for testing so fast that the Golden Arches would spin off their axis.

The maggot toppings an Australian McDonald's is offering won't stop me from enjoying a value meal here in NYC. Then again, it probably wouldn't have stopped me even if the fly larvae were found in a New Jersey joint. I always look under the bun because I like to spread out my pickles because, as I'm sure you know, they usually come clumped together in the middle. I guess while I'm in there, I'll make sure my meat isn't moving. And if it is, cha ching! I'm running with it to the nearest lab.

Will this keep you from eating fast food?

Photo via VirtualEm/Flickr

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