Food Terrorist Makes Mouse the New Pepperoni

pizzaJust because it works for the Chuck E. Cheese brand doesn't mean mice and pizza should always go together.

A Pennsylvania pizza shop owner, Nickolas Galiatsatos, is in jail after he tried to sabotage two rival pizza parlors with a violent act of "food terrorism." Cops say they've never seen anything like it -- so what did he do?


This disgusting man released live mice (and one dead mouse) into two pizza restaurants that competed with his business. Allegedly Galiatsatos, who only recently opened his restaurant, was frustrated that it wasn't doing well. He dumped the rodents in his competitors' shops in the hopes the vermin would scare their customers out of their restaurants -- and straight into his.

That's certainly one way to knock out the competition.

But now that Galiatsatos has been arrested and faces charges of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and harassment, not to mention cruelty to animals, one can only wonder: Wouldn't it have been easier to make his own business better instead of trying to harm that of others?

The snarky reaction to this story of food terrorism is, of course, that the hygiene violations that occur in pizza restaurants -- and most restaurants for that matter -- are far worse than any mice invasion. But I tend to be a bit more optimistic than those people.

Nevertheless, the sad thing about this story is that no one wins in the end. The innocent rival pizzerias had to deal with the mice and the negative fall-out from the entire experience. Obviously, Galiatsatos is a complete disaster. And, the rest of us can't get the idea of a pizza topped with pepperoni and mouse out of our heads!



Image via Kenski1970/Flickr

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