Dunkin' Donuts Big N' Toasty: A New Buttery Indulgence

Dunkin' Donuts big n' toastyI went to three Dunkin' Donuts locations this morning on a mission to find their new breakfast sandwich, the Big N' Toasty. Sold out at the first two, there was nothing stopping me from the task at hand: Hunting down Dunkin's biggest breakfast sandwich to date.

When I finally found it at my third stop, I rejoiced a little on the inside and skipped down the street to my office (OK, so maybe skipping is a little eccentric), anxious to dive into all $4.34 of breakfasty goodness.

Comprised of two peppered fried eggs, four slices of cherrywood smoked bacon, a slice of American cheese, and two thick (and I mean thick) slices of Texas toast, the sandwich ranks in at 580 calories and 24 grams of fat.

Who's ready for 54 percent of their Daily Value of fat in one sitting? Ooooh, pick me!!


I'm not the biggest fast food breakfast person. Something about pre-made egg makes me a little queasy. But well, for the sake of excellent journalism, I proceeded to unwrap the Big N' Toasty.

The sandwich itself looked pretty good. In the scheme of fast food breakfast, it's seriously sizable. I was a little skeptical about the American cheese when I noticed they don't melt it before slapping the two halves of your sandwich together, but by the time I got to my office (as you can see by the picture) -- it was melted. And as for the smell, well, I guess I've never been one for the smell of egg ... so let's just skip over that tidbit.

Immediately upon picking up the sandwich, I could tell it was gonna be buttery. My fingers felt instantaneously greasy. With a little bit of skepticism, I took the first bite of my sandwich and thought to myself, Hmmmm, this is actually pretty good.

And then I chewed.

It's not that the sandwich isn't good. Because in all honesty, it really is. But I think I'd like it much, much more if it weren't on these two buttery slabs of toast. The taste, for me, was kind of sidetracked by the grease -- which is sad because the slight hints of the cherrywood smoked bacon and peppered egg were actually quite nice. I wonder if you could ask for all of this on wheat toast? Or maybe on an English muffin? Mmmm, now that's an idea!

It's obvious that the fast food chain wasn't aiming to be healthy with this sandwich, and I understand that. The concept here is the bigger, the better, and that's how they're marketing it to fast-foodies everywhere. Personally, I'd much rather choose a DD Wake-Up Wrap, still get in some protein, and feel much less ... blah. With that said, if you're OK with the nutrition facts and looking for a good breakfast sandwich for the price, then I'd say this newbie is definitely worth the try. I just hope you have an easier time finding it than I did!

Will you be tasting Dunkin' Donuts new Big N' Toasty breakfast sandwich?

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