Oscar Winners Feast: Who Cooked & Who Ate

Wolfgang Puck Oscars Governor's BallOscar winners are pretty much our version of royalty, so it's no surprise they get treated to grand, gourmet eats at the Governor's Ball after the awards show is over. Per usual, Hollywood chef Wolfgang Puck crafted outrageous dishes for the stars to nosh while they mingled and got their new trophies polished.

According to USA Today and The Mirror, appetizers included mini Kobe beef burgers, sustainable seafood like lobster and stone crab cocktails, sashimi and sushi, smoked salmon on Oscar flatbread with caviar and crème fraiche, and black truffle pizza with ricotta and thyme. At their tables, stars were served an organic salad consisting of beets, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes, and small greens with an orange olive oil vinaigrette on a bed of celery and apple purée. (YUM, I am going to have to try that one!)


And for the entrée, Puck served pan-roasted Dover sole, vegetable risotto "paella" (for all the vegans), and asparagus with Iberico ham and black truffle aioli. The main dessert? Layers of lemon cheesecake, raspberry cremieux, cassis gelee, and Valrhona Ivoire. Or the traditional gold-covered solid chocolate Oscar statuettes. Oy. Vey.

Not to forget -- a Hollywood bash wouldn't be complete without a "signature" cocktail. Last night, that was the "Silver Screen Punch," a dreamy drink that sounds like it would taste like what a few of Anne Hathaway's dresses looked like: A mix of pink lemonade, pineapple juice, vodka, frozen strawberries, ginger, and Moët champagne, served with frozen pineapple slices instead of ice.

Wowowow. That all sounds TO DIE FOR, but how much you wanna bet not many of the stars sampled the many delicacies? There are a lot of reasons why not ... nerves, being too consumed shmoozing your friends' and colleagues' ears off about industry gossip, waiting in line to talk to Best Actor Colin Firth or everyone's favorite guy of all time (or so it seems) The Social Network director, David Fincher ... 

The USA Today writer shared that she saw Best Actress Natalie Portman decline a tray of sweets. But don't worry, she wasn't recalling her role as obsessed ballerina Nina. She actually said, "I think I should go for some regular food" (wise choice), as she headed to her table to chow down on her entrée, which you would think would be the veggie risotto, since she's a strict vegan. But who knows? Being that she's preggo, maybe she actually stole a taste of the stone crab (my family's and my faaaaavorite) or even the asparagus with Iberic ham??? I doubt she went for a mini Kobe burger. But apparently, Hilary Swank tapped that. (She eats?)

There was also apparently a chocolate fountain and mini chocolate Oscars at the dessert bar. That doesn't sound like anything that extraordinary, but I'm sure the chocolate itself is uber-high quality. Who am I kidding? As long as it isn't Hershey's, I would never resist chocolate, let alone a FOUNTAIN of it! I hope Natalie actually enjoyed some after she ate "regular food." 

Russell Brand was actually spotted near the chocolate fountain, giving a server-turned-fan a "cuddle." Who wouldn't want a snuggle from Russell with their chocolate fix? (Well, I guess anyone who would want to avoid a threatening tweet from Katy Perry ...)

All in all, it sounds like the fête was a scrumptious success deserving of its own little gold man. Just leaves me with one question ... when will 17-year Governor's Ball vet Wolfgang be given an honorary award by the Academy?

What do you think about the food that was served at this year's Governor's Ball?


Image via Greg Hernandez/Flickr

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