Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream Is Vomitous


ice creamThe grossest thing I'd seen all day was a pigeon eating some drunk kid's chunky red vomit off the sidewalk, until now.

A restaurant in Covent Garden is serving breast milk ice cream by the bowl. If you're planning a trip to London, you may want to rethink it, because they have clearly lost their minds across the pond. What's worse is this isn't exactly a novelty. Here in the states we have restaurants that serve breast milk cheese, and breast milk ice cream can be ordered through Mother's Milk Ice Cream Company.

Icecreamists Parlor, the London spot that's selling the mama's milk by the dish, calls it Baby Gaga, and it's $22. Suddenly I'm considering veganism.

There's something I can swallow about breast milk cheese. Maybe it's because it's not as creamy and liquidy as milk. But ice cream? It just seems too closely related to its origin.

Adding kitsch to kitsch, the breast milk ice cream is served by a person dressed as Lady Gaga, carrying a liquid-nitrogen syringe, pouring "smoke" all over your lovely dish of human milk. Last thing I want to think about when I'm about to eat excrement is needles, but they didn't ask me. 

The parlor gets its breast milk supply from women who are paid $24 for 10 ounces of milk. Sounds like that would take about an hour or so to pump. How much do cows get paid? I hope it's within reason.

I am an adventurous eater (just last night I had pig cheek, blood sausage, and bone marrow), but I think I draw the line when it comes to human meat or milk. While I'm sure it can be argued that it's healthier than bovine milk, or better tasting, or more humane, there's something that curdles my stomach when I think about it.

Would you eat this breast milk ice cream?

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MamaJ... MamaJen74

Are you aware of the many health benefits of breast milk?  What about adult people whose health ailments have been cured by consuming human milk? 

I really don't see how the thought of consuming something nature created for baby cows is so much more appealing than something nature created for baby humans.

Excrement?  Really?  You're going to compare breast milk, the PERFECT food, to feces?  Yeah, you are a smart one.

Stefa... Stefanie83

I'm with PP.  While it might seem a little odd, if you think about it, it's less disturbing than consuming cheese and icecream made from COW BREAST milk  ;)

$24 for 10 ounces seems like a great rate!  I wouldn't imagine they are pumping it in one sitting though.

Curts... Curtsmomma

Wow, ok, I would actually try it if it werent' for the price :).  I agree with Jen, it's not GROSS!  HELLO?  It IS the perfect food and it's not comparable to feces.  If it's so gross, why is it the best thing for our babies?  Why not try it?  It doesn't gross me out.  What grosses me out is thinking about cows and what they ingest or get injected with and then what goes on when they pump the milk from them and process it for us to drink.

pawlady pawlady

Would I eat it? No.

Would I sell my own milk? Yes -- with both my chidren, I produced more than they needed, and it would not have taken long for me to earn a quick $24.

angie... angiea2105

With Pp. I've actually thought about making breast milk ice cream for my son! Our milk is much better then a cows.... Did you breastfeed poster?????????

Chill... Chillisarah

While I understand you being grossed out by eating breastmilk icecream, its not appropriate for you to compare ingesting human milk to eating human meat.  You cannot compare the two.  Drinking cows milk is not eating cows meat-there is a big difference-so that part of your blog lacks logic.  As for right now-no I do not want to eat breastmilk icecream but if I was a cancer patient I most certainly would-There is a substance in breastmilk that kils 40 different types of cancer cells when ingested. That is a proven fact  and 

Jlynn... JlynnDoyle

Well, I'm not sure I would want to consume the milk of another woman but I have had my own.  When I was breastfeeding dd she was having lots of tummy issues so I was told by dr's to cut dairy out of my diet.  So when I needed to cook with milk I used my own breast milk instead.  Let me tell you, it made the best damn french toast ever!!!  I think I would try the ice cream though.  I don't really see the big deal I guess.

nonmember avatar Anon

Hell no but you've incurred the wrath of the breastfeeders who apparently seem to think we should injest breastmilk our entire lives. It is not the perfect food, it does cure disease, and just because it is produced by humans does not make it the be all end all of everything. It is for BABIES, for God's sake. Please step away from the kool aid people.

MamaMomo MamaMomo

"It can be argued"?  Are you kidding me?  Why do you think women have breasts???  TO FEED OUR BABIES!  I can not believe you are degrading breast milk like this... 

Do I want to consume another woman's breast milk?  Not really... but to say it is worse than a pidgin eating vomit?  You are completely off base.

kelli... kelli0585

Whatever, ladies.

I breastfeed my 18 month old, and it would still make me sick.  So sue me.

But it's not so much the fact that it's breastmilk. . .it's the fact that mothers would pump themselves for a monetary amount for a restaurant that shamelessly sells it for $22 as kitsch--and it's meant to gross you out. 

I could think of plenty of ways to donate your unwanted breastmilk to little people that would actually appreciate it.  NICUs are starting to accept donations, for one.  And they don't need it served to them by a forlorn Gaga waitress with a liquid nitrogen syringe.

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