Top 5 Denny's Food Fights of All Time (VIDEOS)

Denny's Ah Denny's, home of the Grand Slam and plenty of smack-downs. Plain and simple: People like to wail on each other at Denny's. The fact that it's open all night and provides greasy food to drunk hungry hordes of people makes it a prime brawling battleground.

While late night food fights aren't specific to this particular chain, it's amazing just how many do break out at Denny's locations across the country. As these videos show, you never know who you might piss off by something as simple as asking for the syrup.

In the interest of informed eating, here are five of the best Denny's brawls of all time.


1. When one woman asked another for the syrup, she inexplicably took great offense. "B****, your pancakes look fine to me," she reportedly said in perhaps one of the funniest fight lines of all time. Then all hell broke loose:

2. During this fight that broke out in Long Beach, California, an employee whipped out a taser to calm the fighters down. You can hear the crackle of it in the video.

3. This past Halloween we saw a costume-clad crew brawl in East Oakland. Never has candy corn looked so threatening.

4. No word as to what sparked this fight at a Denny's in North Hollywood, but someone lost their pants in the mess.

5. Drunk girls and Denny's are just a bad mix. I'm not sure where in the country this particular Denny's is located, but it doesn't really matter at this point.

Have you ever witnessed a Denny's fight?


Image via CamEvans/Flickr

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