Hollywood Stars Chowing Down In Public Don't Fool Me

Lindsay LohanDo you D.I.P.E? If you D.I.P.E, I D.I.P.E., we D.I.P.E.

In the New York Times this week, food writer Jeff Gordinier expands on the role that D.I.P.E. plays in our society and what it means specifically to actresses in Hollywood. Not familiar with the acronym? D.I.P.E. is publicist Jeremy Walker's phrase that stands for "documented instance of public eating." And it's fascinating.

Gordinier quickly realizes that he has D.I.P.E. for many of the starlets he's interviewed, often meeting for a chat and chew to talk about their latest projects, and inevitably, what kind of food they love.

If an actress is seen eating in photos and heard (in interviews, in magazines) talking about how much she loves pizza and beer, is it just a publicist's blueprint she's following to seem more likable and down to earth?


Of course -- to me it's a no brainer. There is something very sad and very tragic about a woman who's constantly restricting herself; in essence, always saying no to what life has to offer. Sounds terrible, right? No one wants to read about anyone with a sorry existence. There's no sex-appeal in spinach salad and seeds.

A ravenous woman, on the other hand, is a woman enamoured. We're talking perception here, of course. She's confident and exudes a sense of joie de vivre. And that's precisely the image that most of us, including celebrities, want to have. There's no doubt in my mind that stars like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, at the height of their weight-loss controversy, were instructed by their team to get documented instances of public eating for the paparazzi and the press to gobble up. They dined al fresco at the Ivy and were seen in line at In and Out Burger.

Personally, I totally understand why D.I.P.E. is important to an actresses public persona. I was once really turned-off on a first date when the guy ordered a Diet Coke. It's likely a similar reaction we'd have if Natalie Portman told us that heck yeah it's hard to stay thin, that she only gets to eat 500 calories a day and must work out twice before noon. Why? Because it sounds sad and crazy.

Instead, we hear how much she loves pasta, bread, and pizza, and that the Black Swan diet really wasn't that bad.

What's your take on D.I.P.E.?

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