What's Foodily? A Foodie's Online Dream Come True!

Oooh, food and Facebook got together and had a baby, everyone! It's named Foodily.com, and it's slogan is, "food, i love you." Eee! A website after my own heart! But ... wait, what makes it any different from other foodie sites out there? Do we really need another website about food?

I have plenty of friends who write food blogs, we have Food Network's site, Epicurious, AllRecipes.com, etc., but Foodily, the brainchild of two ex-Yahoo! execs, seems to be something we've never really had before ... a search engine that serves as an aggregate site for a bazillion recipes Internet-wide. Okay, so what, right? Well, the creators are hoping the masses will love Foodily more than the average recipe site, because the site also has a social networking component ...


"Social networking -- big deal," you say? Every other gourmand site gives you the opportunity to click "like" on yummy cupcake recipes or articles about types of EVOO. Foodily will obviously have Facebook "like" buttons galore, too. But it's more than that.

Say you "like" a recipe on Foodily. It'll appear in your newsfeed on Facebook (no big surprise there), but what I think is even cooler: Recipes your friends like will appear in your Foodily recipe search. So, if your friend tells you she made a divine Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Lasagna, but can't scrounge up the recipe -- no worries! Just check out Foodily.

Something else cool: Foodily makes it easy to create a Facebook event invitation that includes a menu. So, this way, if you have gluten-free friends, vegan friends, picky-eater friends, etc. -- they can see what dishes are planned, comment on the menu, share their feedback and add additional dishes they want to bring.

Also, I have to say, it's not like a boring old search engine that's just going to give you links to external sites. No, oh no. When you search for a dish -- maybe, "chocolate chip cookies" -- the site brings up the results vertically, displaying the source (Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Honey.com), delectable-looking photos and the ingredients, so you can compare all of your options with a quick perusal -- then cruise your mouse horizontally to scroll through, just as you would on an iPad. (Obviously, the site was developed with tablet technology in mind.)

You can just tell this may be one of the first sites created by people who absolutely, genuinely love food and cooking and aim to make life easier for people who feel the same way.

Google? Yahoo? Bing? I have a feeling you might not be invited to dinner as often.

Would you try Foodily.com to search for recipes and share them with your friends on Facebook?      


Image via Karen Dalziel/Flickr

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