5 Frightening Food Crimes


CheetosSome believe meat is murder, while others try to murder WITH meat ... or at least do some serious damage with it. While food typically nurtures our bodies and souls, it can also do some serious damage when used as a weapon.

That's right, food crimes go beyond what KFC and Denny's do to sandwiches to actual crimes that could land someone in jail. Here are five of the freakiest food crimes that give food safety a whole new meaning.

Assault With a Steak

Earlier this month, Edna Verdin was arrested for aggravated battery after whacking her boyfriend in the face with a frozen steak. She was apparently pissed that some of her booze wouldn't fit in the freezer and took it out on him. He was left bleeding, but survived.

Assault by Cheetos

Domestic assault charges were filed in 2009 against a couple whose weapon of choice was Cheetos. Yes, really. James Earl Taylor and Mary S. Childers became "involved in a verbal altercation at which time Cheetos potato chips were used in the assault." Sounds messy.

Burrito Assault on an Officer

Forget the fear of Taco Bell's fake meat and beware flying burritos. Destiny McMullen, 24, was charged with assault on a peace officer and obstructing a police officer after throwing a Burrito Supreme at one.

Turkey Terror

In November 2004 Victoria Ruvolo was almost killed by a frozen turkey thrown through the windshield of the car she was driving. Ryan Cushing, the teenager who threw it, pleaded guilty in Suffolk County Court to a reduced charge of second-degree assault.

Cocaine-Smuggling Yams

Last year 10 kilos of cocaine were found in Ghana in the most unlikely of places -- sweet potatoes. Smugglers had cut them open, put the drugs inside, then glued them together.

What's the worst food crime you've heard of?


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one of my husband's co workers actually got arrested for throwing his fast food bag (cheeseburger and fries inside) at a man who blocked him in and started arguing with him in the parking lot. I laughed so hard.  Assault with a cheeseburger.  LOL

ZsMommy ZsMommy



Azaezle Azaezle

My sister once slapped me across the face with a raw steak... wasn't frozen though! 

kisse... kisses5050

 Kid at the school I worked at was arrested for putting peanut salt from an empty bag in the salad of girl he broke up with at lunch in the school cafeteria. She was deathy allergic to them. He was brought up on  attemted murder charges.

charl... charliebean

Who would throw a Burrito Supreme at a cop?!

They are delicious and should never be thrown.

oOoLe... oOoLeilanioOo

My dad beat his brother up with a frozen cow tongue.  



Holly Deal

Our principal called the cops when one of our friends gave her peanut butter sandwich to another friend. They have a "rule" that if you don't eat your food, you have to throw it out, you cannot give it to another person. Not sure how that is fair beings the students are the ones paying for their food so it should be up to them.

Audly... AudlyLuvly

A friend of my sister's got ticketed in New Orleans for "Molesting a Cheeseburger" - He was picking the pickles - which he was allergic to - off his cheeseburger, and throwing them on the ground.

Audly... AudlyLuvly

Holly Deal, my sister got Mono in middle school from sharing food in the cafeteria.  There are reasons for those types of rules.

maiah... maiahlynn

I threw an egg at my ex once.. we were fighting & cooking at the same time..

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