Lady Gaga Makes Food Fetishes Hot at Grammys

Lady Gaga won't be appearing on The Food Network anytime soon, but she does seem to be trailblazing new territory by pairing fashion with food to make a statement. We were all aware of the meat dress, but then Gaga took it one step further on last night's Grammys when she entered the show in an egg. (We were informed via Twitter that she was "incubating" in said egg.) She took it even further as she began her "Born This Way" performance by emerging from another translucent egg, only to be dressed in a nude yellow-colored latex coat, skirt, and bikini top ...

Then, she put that sunny side up egg-shaped yellow hat on, and I thought, "Is she supposed to be a yolk???"


Yeah, it's very possible. She has taken food fetishism to another level.

Now, some might think it's uber-strange, but I think it's brilliant. The entire performance last night -- from the red carpet arrival to the wacky sex gladiator get-up in which she accepted her award for Best Pop Album -- was orchestrated flawlessly and symbolic on so many levels. The food aspect may not have been appetizing, per se, but that's not the point.

The point is how Gaga transforms even the most mundane moment into an opportunity for self-expression. By the way, some people have criticized her lately for not ever appearing in just normal yoga pants in public or for never wearing a normal "Best Dressed"-contending gown to an awards show. But she's a performer, an entertainer -- she doesn't exist to fit the same old, yawn-fest pop star mold. How entertaining would that be?? Anyway, so, yeah -- she'll take a totally ordinary activity, like sipping coffee or tea, for instance, and turn it into something people are talking about the next day. Take her appearance on 60 Minutes last night ...

Gaga dropped a loose, fake diamond-like rock in her tea cup. When she polished off her drink, she pulled the diamond from her lips. Cooper laughed uncomfortably and asked about it.

This is what I'm really like. This is the tea cup I drink from every day, this is the diamond I put in the cup when I get nervous.

She didn't explain it further than that, but I wouldn't roll your eyes so quickly, passing it off as just a crazy quirk or an attention-getting scheme. (Kanye's diamond teeth fall more into that latter category than this diamond-in-mouth curiosity.) For a real clue on what the hell she's doing, I think it pays to note something Gaga said to Cooper earlier in the interview:

Part of it is getting people to pay attention to what you want them to pay attention to and not to pay attention to what you don’t want them to pay attention to ... I art-direct every moment of my life ... People take me both way too seriously and not seriously enough.

And there you have it. It's pre-meditated and meaningful ... even if the meaning is just to get us thinking. So, next time, if she shows up to an awards show as an ice cream cone or carries a bottle of whiskey at a Yankees game, don't dismiss it as just "crazy-ass Gaga." Because in Stefani Germanotta's world, food is just another form of art, baby!

What do you think about Gaga's pairing of food with performance?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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