New Naked Chef Hits TV (No, Not Jamie -- NUDE!)

flora cheungJamie Oliver made a pretty hot Naked Chef, but Hong Kong model Flora Cheung is about to seriously up the ante. She’s starring in a new cooking show in which she will appear entirely nude. Cheung admits she’s no professionally trained chef -- but I imagine that won’t matter a lick to viewers. You know, on account of the naked. Nekkid. No clothes. Well, except for a specially made apron. Don’t worry, the apron won’t impede your view -- it’s been constructed of entirely transparent materials. You’ll see everything. Ev.ery.thing.

I’m far from a prude, but ewwww. Naked? Cooking?

Fancy apron or not, I’ve got some questions that need answering.


Is she waxed? Because we’ve all come across those hairs in our food in the school cafeteria and I’m not about to relive that nightmare. As natural as body hair is, I don’t want to see it in conjunction with my gourmet meals.

Is her apron a heat shield? Nipples are sensitive things! One wrong move with that hot pan and you’re looking at searing pain (pun totally intended). And the first time she leans over a hot pot to get to the back burner, she’s going to score herself a nice burn mark right across that taut little tummy.

What about spatter? I cook in my clothes and still get the occasional boiling water splash or grease spatter. That stuff HURTS. She’s going to be cooking without the benefit of one of my oversized sweatshirts -- I’d be afraid if I were her.

Will a recipe be provided at the end? Because you know the guys watching aren’t going to remember a single damn thing except how perfect her nipples are and, well, frankly, I won’t either. How can you not concentrate on her -- she’s naked!

Would you tune in to see this new Naked Chef?


Image via YouTube

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