Kelly Ripa Gets a Body Part for Valentine's Day

Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin celebrated their show's 10-year anniversary today, and Anderson Cooper came on to congratulate them. But he didn't come empty-handed. Apparently, it's a "Cooper family tradition" to offer best wishes with one particularly strange gift ... "weird things made out of chocolate."

Yup. Anderson brought the TV duo two "weird things" -- a solid chocolate leg for Kelly (a nod to her recent injury) and a solid chocolate bottle of champagne for Regis. The two were elated with their cocoa gifties, but I felt like gagging. Not because Kelly is always so perky and syrupy sweet, either ...


Why? Because I think ... no, I am pretty sure I've become a chocolate elitist. The solid chocolate leg is creepy alone because it's a leg! But I don't like solid chocolate that takes the form of any inanimate object! It skeeves me out. I don't want to eat a solid chocolate bunny for Easter. I am afraid of solid chocolate Santas.

One major reason for despising solid chocolate inanimate objects is that I don't want to bite anything's body part. But, second and maybe even more importantly, I doubt any chocolate leg or chocolate Cupid is made out of quality chocolate. Well, you never know, if it's coming from Anderson Cooper -- it could be Godiva or Vosges, but I kinda doubt it. But usually, if you have to make a shape out of it to make it seem appetizing, then it's probably not anything special ... chocolate-wise.

I'm not a chocolate SNOB. Nope, I certainly slum it with the best of 'em, eating the occasional M&Ms or Hershey Kiss. But lately, I've been trying to savor my sweets a little more. You know, take a solid square and let it melt on your tongue ... nom. What I've noticed is, if it's quality chocolate, that REALLY seems to satisfy me. One brand in particular I've been having a fling with is Chocolove. Their dark chocolate and dark chocolate with orange peel pieces bars are out of this world. Seriously, all you need is a square or two, because it's rich, creamy, uncomplicated, but classic. Furthermore, it puts drugstore chocolate (Hershey's, Russell Stovers, etc.) to shame. To me, that stuff is just not worth it! I'd rather keep it at a leg's length (ha ha).

What's your favorite kind of chocolate for V-Day?

Image via Keith WIlls/Flickr

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