Aphrodisiac Foods to Spice Up Your Sex Life

figsWhen it comes to planning a menu for Valentine's Day, I think everyone can agree that oysters are soooo overdone. They’re the obvious go-to aphrodisiac for anyone who’s ever read anything about sexy foods. Too bad they are so thoroughly unsexy.

Skipping those slimy little creatures leaves room for a truly delectable menu. From foods that look like sexy body parts to ones that cause those extra special chemical reactions, there is a whole world out there beyond bivalves.

If you are looking for the perfect aphrodisiac-laden menu for Valentine's Day this year, look no further. We've got some sexy treats for you.


Amuse Bouche: Fresh Figs With Prosciutto and Honey

The annual fig harvest was celebrated by ancient Greeks with crazy sex rituals. The fruit itself is reminiscent of a woman’s sex organs. Drizzling them with honey only enhances the sweetness of the fruit -- not to mention making licking each other’s fingers even more fun.

Appetizer: Arugula Salad With Basil and Radish

The spice of the radish will stimulate your palate while the basil stimulates your sex drive. Arugula, also known as “rocket,” has been a documented aphrodisiac as far back as the first century AD. Garnish with zinc-rich pine nuts, which have been used since medieval times to amp up libidos.

Main Course: Salmon With a Ginger Honey Glaze

Salmon is full of the essential fatty acids that keep your body revved up, and it’s light enough that you’ll still have room for all those after-dinner activities. The spice of the ginger will heat up your body and make your pulse race -- if it isn’t already. And that touch of honey contains B vitamins necessary for the production of testosterone.

Bonus: It's super easy to make. Just mix together about two teaspoons of freshly grated ginger, a generous half cup of honey, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Spread the glaze over the salmon and bake in the oven according to your favorite salmon recipe.

Dessert: Raspberry-Chocolate Tartlets With Champagne

Raspberries are known aphrodisiacs not only because of their chemical components, but because they resemble a woman’s nipples. The tiny size of the tartlets means that you can feed each other, and the champagne of course lends you a languid sense of relaxation and romance.

You can whip up the tartlets in no time. Once they've cooled a bit, add a generous dollop of whipped cream (use a piping bag for that picture-perfect look). Then top each one with a raspberry or three.

What foods do you use to get in the mood?

Image via House of Sims/Flickr

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