Drinkable Pot: Finally, a Solution to No-Smoking Laws

canna colaIt's every pot lover’s dream: a fizzy lifting drink to accompany that tasty, tasty brownie (and all the other snacks he’ll munch after consuming said brownie). Canna Cola is new on the soda pop scene and they’ve got a unique twist: each bottle contains anywhere from 35 to 65 milligrams of THC, the ingredient that makes pot work the way it does.

Doc Weed, Sour Diesel, Orange Kush, and Grape Ape are currently only available in states that have medical marijuana dispensaries. And that’s okay ... for now. I’ve never actually smoked (or eaten) pot, but I fully support the legalization of the drug. Canna Cola is the perfect gateway to legalization, and here’s why.


It’s non-threatening. It looks like pop, it tastes like pop. Some people are going to say that this makes it waaay too appealing to kids. But if the cola is regulated the same way beer and liquor are, then there should be no problem. After all, plenty of alcoholic drinks are already marketed at kids (Sour Apple Pucker, anybody?), so it’s just a matter of sellers being responsible enough to keep the soda out of the hands of minors.

It’s not unhealthy. People claim that smoking pot is perfectly healthy, that it’s all natural and therefore doesn’t have the health dangers of cigarettes. You have to be an idiot to believe this is true -- or growing your own organic pot. All pot is exposed to some sort of chemical agent and almost all pot is cut with something. You never get pure cannabis when you buy it. So you’re smoking whatever random chemical was used to amp up the effects, whatever pesticide was used, whatever filler was used. You can’t tell me that’s not as harmful, if not more, than smoking cigarettes.

It’s no worse than beer. We all have no problem drinking beer. Most people have no problem drinking beer and then hitting the road. Canna Cola will have about the same effect on you as one light beer. That’s it! That doesn’t mean people should drink 10 sodas and try to go about their business, but it does mean that if consumed responsibly, Canna Cola could become an alternative to beer.

Given how much this product resembles the average beer, there should be no reason not to sell it everywhere. The only reason it isn’t is because of that one little ingredient. If we suddenly decided that hops made people act drunk, we’d regulate those, too. Oh wait. We already do.

There’s simply no real difference between beer and Canna Cola, which means there’s no reason it shouldn’t be legal everywhere. Just like liquor, it would be taxed. Maybe once the money starts flowing, lawmakers would actually realize that pot isn’t something to be feared.

Do you approve of products like Canna Cola? Should they be available everywhere?


Image via Canna Cola

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