Man Flushes $77K Bottle of Wine Down the Toilet (So to Speak)

yellow wineWhen you make an investment, you save up some dough and then make the conscious decision to spend it, and do so wisely. And Swiss aficionado Pierre Chevrier sees a $77,000, 236-year-old bottle of yellow wine as a completely normal, perfect investment. Chevrier bought the bottle at a local French wine festival auction. "My passion is to open bottles and I am delighted to have bought this bottle of yellow wine, which I will drink."

Let me ask you something, Petey: For someone who enjoys "opening bottles" -- what about the joys of cracking open a bottle of new nail polish? If we're gonna keep it foodie, then how about a bottle of Asian ginger marinade? Or ... Snapple bottles make that fun noise when opened if you slap the bottom. I think those bottles are tons of fun, and MUCH CHEAPER, you misguided soul.


For those who are newbies to the concept of yellow wine, or vin jaune, it's similar to a dry sherry. The vino gets its yellow color from maturation under a layer of yeast in the barrel. Mmmm, it all sounds just so expensively delicious, doesn't it? FYI: The average price of sherry at your local liquor store is probably around $15, max.

I may not completely understand the concept of a fine wine. I'll be the first to admit that I absolutely adore a glass of Yellow Tail Merlot and all of its fairly priced, sweet glory. But no matter how delicious, sought after, or "investment worthy" the bottle may be -- why in the universe would ANYONE spend $77,000 on a bottle of wine?

For the people who have forgotten: This bottle of wine is something that will eventually end up down the toilet. Literally, you know? Sure, collecting things is cool. And while I personally may not have a niche for antiquing or a fine piece of art, I can respect someone who is putting down a good investment on something to add to a tangible collection that they will treasure for their lifetime.

But people DRINK wine. Can you imagine what it tastes like when your sip costs a solid thousand dollars? I think I'd vomit. I don't care how much the bottle "means to you" or how great your experience is tasting it. Spending $77K on a tasty beverage that will last all of one day after corking seems like one huge waste to me.

So I could go easy on you, Mr. Chevrier, and give you the benefit of the doubt. Sure, this yellow wine you bid on is desirable for someone with your tastes. I'll try and get past my sticker shock. But then I saw that you said this, and I decided once and for all that you are ridiculous:

To sell a bottle for 57,000 euros is not crazy.

No way. No how.

What do you think about the $77,000 bottle of wine?

Image via Dave McLear/Flickr

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