Taco Bell 'Fake Meat' Has Nothing on This Scary Food


mad scientistPeople have been going loco since learning taco bell "meat" isn't all meat, but if that skeeves you out, be prepared to never eat anything not grown in your own garden again. Scientists are in the lab developing things that are much scarier. Think that's impossible? How about a lab-grown burger wrapped in killer paper?

The food being developed as of late is worthy of any sci-fi flick, and a scary one at that. But since there's no stopping science, or hungry Americans, let's take a look at a couple of these products coming to our tables soon.

First up, the killer paper. The intent of this is great -- to improve food safety, which with a recall every other day, we certainly need all the help we can get in this area. The packaging paper is being designed to fight E. coli  and S. coliaureus -- two of the big food poisoning agents -- by using silver nanoparticles.

Say what? It uses "ultrasound, or high-frequency sound waves, to deposit the particles on paper." And then we're supposed to eat the food it touches? Sorry, I'm no scientist, but I don't want anything like that near my food. Can't they just make it safe in the first place?

Speaking of making food, that's next up in the weird science food arena -- lab-grown meat. Lab. Grown. Meat. I can't think of anything I would rather eat less. Gag, seriously.

Again, the intent is a good one -- to help eliminate world hunger -- so I hate to knock it, but meat is ... meat. And to think you can grow flesh, and then expect someone to eat it ... can't they grow beans instead?

Some in support of the food technology say people just need to get used to it.

"There's a yuck factor when people find out meat is grown in a lab. They don't like to associate technology with food," Nicholas Genovese, who works in meat-growing lab, told Reuters. "But there are a lot of products that we eat today that are considered natural that are produced in a similar manner. There's yogurt, which is cultured yeast. You have wine production and beer production. These were not produced in laboratories. Society has accepted these products."

But they're not meat!

He's right about the yuck factor, however. A little maltodrextrin, anti-dusting agent, autolyzed yeast extract, in a Taco Bell shell is sounding pretty good right now.

What do you think of this sci-fi food products? Bring them on or spoiling your appetite?

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Madel... MadelynMc

The lab-grown meat is in the very very early stages. They just figured out they could do it, so I don't see it being mass produced for a very long time, if at all. It will have to undergo a lot of testing by the FDA, but if genetically modified salmon pass their "test" there's no telling what will pass for food these days.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I'm completely against genetically modified franken-food.  Yogurt, beer, and wine are not the same thing, despite what the scientist says - they all rely on a natural yeast fermentation process, not technology.  Food scientist diddling around with the molecular make-up of a food is as far from natural as you can get, and not something that anyone should be willing to get used to.


That is just totally bizarre.

Erica Ecker

soylent green

pinkdazy pinkdazy

have you ever noticed that when you eat there meat it is kinda tough and chewy like a tendon?  A friend of mine told me about 10 years ago that they used cow eye balls for the meat and I have not eaten it from then. order beans instead of the meat

Troy Hostetler

Meat from a Lab is somehow worse the meat from a factory? Factory farms terrioze the animals and create bad karma food and disease. The lab seems strange but more humane then what we have now. Perspective is key in this "Shocking" research into provided food for the human race. A challenge we need to face now. I choice science over the way things are now in the factory farms.

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