'Twilight' Cast's New Favorite Restaurant Sounds Fishy

tsunami restaurantThe Twilight cast is known for finding local hotspots in each town they film in. In Florida, for the filming of Breaking Dawn, the group hit up the southern fast-food chain Raising Canes that specializes in fried chicken. So what restaurant are they making famous this time?

It’s Tsunami, an upscale sushi restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the cast is busy working on additional scenes for Breaking Dawn. Sushi is a special fave of Robert Pattinson, who’s been seen at various sushi spots around the country, including the very famous Matsuhisa, where he shared a casual date with co-star Kristen Stewart.

So what’s on the menu for these sushi-loving superstars?


Appetizers include the traditional miso soup, edamame and gyoza, delectable pan-fried dumplings. But there’s also squid salad and something called pimp salad, which contains both tuna and snow crab. That seems an obvious choice for the lobster-loving RPatz.

The sushi menu is huge with original rolls like the Tsunami roll, which includes tuna, yellowtail, salmon and grilled eel – perfect for rock-hard werewolf abs.

Sashimis – thinly sliced raw fish – make up a large portion of the entrée menu. They may be bloodless, but the vampy cast wasn’t turning down any of it!

It’s a shame that the cast didn’t partake of some of the local seafood – especially the crawfish, which the area is famous for. But if the books have taught us anything, it’s that the heart (and blood-lusty stomach) wants what it wants!

Image via Tsunami

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