Packers Super Bowl Menu: Cheese, Beer & More Cheese

Wisconsin cheeseThe Super Bowl is a mere days away, and the Green Bay Packers will be taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in what should be an exciting, thrilling game. Both teams are evenly matched, have amazing, loyal fans, and both represent cities that are known for some pretty outstanding eats.

We previously prepared a Pittsburgh-themed Super Bowl menu, so it's only fair to give you the Green Bay-inspired one. Here is some of the best food Wisconsin has to offer and recipes on how to make it for your Packers party. Just have some Lactaid handy ...



cheese curdsFried cheese curds: If you want a history on everything cheese curds and why they should squeak, check out this article from The Nibble. They also offer a delicious recipe as well as places where you can order authentic Wisconsin cheese curds. With a name like cheese curds, it has to be good!

Wisconsin beer and cheese soup: Ah, two of Green Bay's favorites rolled into one dish. Use a Wisconsin beer to up the local flavor, since you must use scrumptious Wisconsin cheddar cheese. A surefire hit for all your guests, who are looking to get drunk off beer and full on cheese.

Main Courses

Bratwurst with sauerkraut: Wisconsinites eat their bratwurst with spicy mustard served with a side of sauerkraut. Tasty and tender bratwurst piled on a hoagie roll will certainly inspire the Packers to score a touchdown.

CheeseburgerWisconsin cheddar beef burger: Juicy beef patties topped with some Wisconsin cheese (you should have enough left over from the soup) are the key to any Green Bay fan's heart. Warm up the hamburger buns briefly before serving and everyone will love this warm, Wisconsin treat in the middle of likely yet another blizzard.

Fried fish: If you live in Wisconsin, you're well aware of the fish fry on Friday nights. More than 1,000 eateries hold them, and meals usually include potatoes, coleslaw, and bread. You can serve all that, or just pay homage to it (the Super Bowl's on a Sunday, not a Friday, after all) by letting your guests munch on some beer-battered fried fish.


Cream puffs: What better memories do Wisconsinites have than eating cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair? They can be hard to make, but this semi-easy recipe from only requires eight ingredients (one of which is water) and less prep time in case you need more than one shot at making them.


Hinterland beer: The Hinterland Brewery in Green Bay makes delicious local brew. Opt for a crowd-pleaser, like Hinterland's Pale Ale, or go for a heavy beer, like Winterland, since this menu definitely isn't heavy enough ...

What will you be making at your Packers party?


Image via; dfilippini/Flickr; manda_wong/Flickr

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