10 Worse Vegetables Than Brussels Sprouts

brussels sprouts most hated vegetable
Nom, Nom
Did you hear? Brussels sprouts are the most hated vegetable in the U.S. Edging out eggplant (eggplant parm, hello?) the sprouts also show up on international lists as a veggie everyone loves to hate. Harrumph. As someone who has always been a picky eater, this vegetable happens to be one I adore. It's crisp! It's versatile! What's not to like?

For those of you haters out there, I have to say it: You just haven't had them prepared properly yet. Clearly no one is sauteing those babies up in chicken broth and bacon, or you would know that Brussels sprouts rule. 

In fact, I could think of 10 other vegetables that are far more deserving of the title "worst vegetable" than my friend, the sprout from overseas. Lima beans, I'm looking at you.





President H.W. Bush hated broccoli so much he banned it from the White House. Has anyone called for a Brussels sprouts ban? Outside of an elementary school cafeteria? Uh-uh.


I don't care how often they pop up on farm-to-table menus, beets were unpopular for the past century for a reason.

Lima Beans

You can't even say Lima beans without a tone of resignation in your voice.


They make you cry. 'Nuff said.


Have you ever heard of anyone with a Brussels sprout allergy? However, tomatoes are one of the most likely vegetables to cause an unpleasant reaction if you are susceptible to food allergies.


Even though I'm from the south, and love some fried okra, if you don't burn it within an inch of its life you're still going to get the slime. Ewwwww.

Red Peppers

I've had dinner party requests from guests to leave off the red peppers. Never has anyone complained about a b-sprout dish. NEVER.


E. coli, anyone?


No stranger to contamination itself, spinach still isn't so popular that parents don't have to bribe their kids with cartoon characters in order to get them to eat it.


It makes your pee smell funny.

What vegetable do you hate the most? And you're not allowed to say Brussels sprouts!


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