A Super Bowl Recipe That Won't Kill Your Diet?

hot wingsDid you know that there's a football game played on Super Bowl Sunday? I thought it was just a holiday for eating and drinking! Sort of like a Thanksgiving, but less about the family and giving thanks, and more about the meat-head friends and giving high-fives.

I for one am not going to let this football game get in the way of my eating celebration. It's a Sunday of Indulgence, and I'm going for it. Gym be damned! Hangovers be damned! It is our American duty to drip hot sauce on our shirts and wipe cheese-dip on our Levis. 

Well it's my call to duty, anyway. Let's take a look at some of the best and worst Super Bowl recipes so that you know what you're getting in to this weekend.


What's a feast without a chicken wing? Each little bugger is about 100 calories, so if you plan on having a plateful, that adds up pretty fast. And dip those wings in blue cheese dressing and you could pack on another 300 calories, easy. Yum!

Wings are making you thirsty? Each Budweiser has 145 calories, and if you have three, that's a total of 435. Buds are making you hungry? Order up some nachos and another 400 cals. Nachos making you thirsty? Add a fountain Coke to the tab (you have to work on Monday, after all) and that's 200 calories.

So feasibly, you could take down, without second thought, about 1,835 calories in two hours. And by you I mean me. This is the route I see myself taking. And I'm being conservative. I'll probably nibble on some peanuts, too, and maybe try one of those brownies the baker in the group always insists on bringing.

But if you're looking to go a little lighter, there are some options that won't kill you.

Have some of the crudites with light ranch dressing and it's only about 200 calories. And it's super healthy -- that's what I hear about vegetables, anyway, that they're good for you. And bean dip isn't terrible either. There are about 40 calories in two tablespoons. Add some Tostitos Scoops in the mix and it's about 180 cals, all in.

And if you don't hate the watery bitterness that is Bud Light, it's 110 a bottle, for a likely total of 330 calories. Help yourself to a bowl of beef and beer chili for only 260 calories.

The total for the lighter eater could be around 970. Granted, that's still a lot of calories, but it's about half of my game plan.

Are you going to overdo it on Super Bowl Sunday, or keep your eating in check?

Photo via scaredy_kat/Flickr

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