8 Hot Chef Dads Who Can Baste Us Anytime


dad making dinnerYou know what I love? A man who knows his way around the kitchen. What could be sexier? I'll tell you: a man who knows his way around the kitchen and feeds his bambini well!

This is my valentine for all the baby-daddies out there making food magic happen for their families.



michael symon

1. Michael Symon: Award-winning chef, Iron Chef, and the man responsible for saving food in Cleveland recently got into hot water for tweeting about the importance of healthy eating. Elitist? Hardly -- Symon says he once fed his family (wife Liz and now grown stepson) a healthy, locavore diet while earning $19,000 a year.

tom colicchio

2. Tom Colicchio: Not only is he the brains behind Craft, Craftbar, Craftsteak, and Witchcraft and a Top Chef star, he's also testified before Congress in support of improving school food (he's the son of a lunch lady). And he's a proud papa to two sons, Dante and Luka.


will allen

3. Will Allen: What about men who cook and grow food? Urban farming guru Will Allen is a former basketball player, total hunk, and has three grown kids. Farming (and, erhm, working out) sure keeps you young.


jamie oliver

4. Jamie Oliver: Maybe his methods for attacking junk food in America miss as often as they hit, but Jamie's recipes for fresh-tasting, healthy food make mid-week dinner shine, and his passion and crooked teeth add to his charm. Jamie and wife Jools have four daughters.


FDA fake Official

5. Fake FDA Official: Since he's a fictional character who scolds, I'm just going to assume here that he must be a dad.


5. Michael Ruhlman: Bestselling cookbook writer, blogger, and father of two is perhaps best known among foodies for declaring that Americans are too stupid to cook! Okay, that's not exactly what he meant. What he was really saying is that Americans are told that we are too stupid to cook, but that even busy parents (like him) can -- and should -- find the time to cook their families real food.


gerry garvin

7. Gerry Garvin: Also a bestselling cookbook writer, Gerry hosts the TV show Turn Up the Heat. Indeed.


aaron mccargo

8. Aaron McCargo, Jr.: Food Network star, soul food chef, and father of three is the Biggest Daddy of them all. Think most "family-friendly" recipes are bland? Not at Aaron's house.

Who do you think is the sexiest daddy chef around?

Images (top to bottom): Jason Dunnivant/Flickr; YouTube; David_Shankbone/Flickr; YouTube; YouTube; really short/Flickr; Craig Hatfield/Flickr; YouTube; YouTube

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jalaz77 jalaz77

Where the hell is Tyler Florence (spelling)?????!!!!!! Come on I love that man! Revise this article asap ; )



Oh that first guy is hot!

frysh... fryshannon34

Micheal symon looks pretty good to me

Susie Sharp

Symon is a rock star here in the CLE. Yep, bald guys are hot. And he's not afraid to flaunt pork.

nonmember avatar Kenna

I LOVE Symon, Oliver, Ruhlman & Colicchio! Don't forget Tony Bourdain! He's a sexy papa!

Sally Kennedy

Add Tyler Florence and kick off Ruhlman (pompous ***, excuse me) and I'm with you. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Michael Symon. My husband is a hot cook too,can't leave him off my list!

nonmember avatar Kenna

How could I have forgotten Gordon Ramsay?! Does Jose Garces have kids? I need to find out. Lol.

maine... mainemusicmaker

ARGH! I can't see any pictures!  But I do like Tyler Lawrence, *drool*.

Peajewel Peajewel

Symon!  I love bald men!  He is so dang yummy!

momof... momoflilangel

I was totally looking for Tyler Florence too! LOL

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