Girl Scouts Get Mean & Discontinue Cookies

Shock and dismay rolled across the sugar-eating world this week as the Girl Scouts announced that several councils are participating in a pilot program to drop all but their six most popular Girl Scout Cookies.

Worry not, Thin Mints fans: Those, along with Trefoils (shortbread) and Do Si Dos (oatmeal cookies filled with peanut butter), are the three varieties every bakery that makes Girl Scout cookies has to produce every year. Other ones in the "Super Six" program are Samoas (woohoo!), Tagalongs (peanut butter patties), and Lemon Chalet Cremes.

Each council only offers eight varieties of cookies every year anyway, so this is not the dramatic reduction people make it seem. And in reality ... I don't think this goes far enough. The Girl Scouts could probably raise just as much money doing two or three varieties of cookies.


I mean ... does anyone actually eat Lemon Chalet Cremes? Or, for that matter, Do Si Dos? When people get all crazy over Girl Scout cookies, never do you hear them get all worked up about those kinds ... it's all about the Thin Mints and Samoas, baby. You do run across the occasional oddball who likes Trefoils or Tagalongs.

I say get rid of all of them except the Thin Mints and Samoas, and individual councils can decide to add a third or fourth. They're the only ones that are completely unique to Girl Scouts ... you can't find them anywhere else.

Time for the Girl Scouts to go a little Mean Girl and cut off the unpopular ones altogether. It won't be the first time. They've discontinued other Girl Scout cookies over time, some of which were really popular. Remember Aloha Chips? Or Lemon Coolers? My favorites are long gone too; they were a thin oatmeal cookie dipped in chocolate at the bottom. So, so good, and long gone!

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?


Image via Marit and Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr

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