You Need This $3,500 Pancake Stacker


stack pancakesHave you ever thought, "Man, my life would be so much easier if I could just make 180 pancakes an hour!!!!! My pancake output is toooo slooowww!!!!!"

I know the feeling. Good news is that there's help. The ad wizards at ChefStack have developed a machine the size of a microwave and the weight of your 3-year-old that can pump out beautifully fluffed, 97% fat-free pancakes that will make your family, or your customers, swoon.

Don't just want plain old flat pancakes? No problem! The ChefStack can blast out pancake pockets and turn-over spirals!

If you can't think of a reason you'd need almost 200 pancakes in 60 minutes, you need to open your mind to all the possibilities. Let me help you.

What if you are:

  • Babysitting for Kate Gosselin and the Octomom at the same time.
  • Asked to work the pancake breakfast before the swim meet. Done!
  • This guy.
  • Extremely hungover.
  • In need of something harmless to throw at neighbors.
  • Out of the 200 Frisbees you used to have and want replacements.
  • Given 25 gallons of syrup.
  • Hosting Kobayashi for the night and he needs to practice.

See? Tons of reasons this $3,500 pancake maker is totally worth it.

Interested in your own ChefStack?

Photo via Bludgeoner86/Flickr



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hmm, no thanks.

frysh... fryshannon34

My kids love pancakes but not this much


If you hosted a pancake breakfast a few times a know, to raise money for your pancake maker. Then it might come in handy.

nonmember avatar Felix

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! I knew you'd love it!

nonmember avatar Carlee

I own a pancake parlor and I would much rather give a hard working American a JOB than pay for a freakin' stacker machine. Give me a break!

nonmember avatar Anita

I work at a prison in correctional food service. This would be perfect for us. Our pancakes come out flat because we have to prepare the mix the evening before. Our pancakes are never the same size which is a requirement. Sounds like we need to do a fundraiser for this machine...

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