Jesus in Food: Where to Find Him

jesus on food
Toast on Jesus, for a Change
A miracle occurred as a mother was making her sons tortillas, and lo and behold, the baby Jesus and Mary appeared! Melinda Solis of Texas was so moved by the appearance of the pair, she says she'll hang on to this tortilla -- as long as her sons don't get to it first. Clearly, her boys are not as impressed by the Virgin Mary and her baby as their mother.

Jesus has been popping up on a variety of foods (as has his mother, who appeared on a grilled cheese sandwich causing a bidding war -- it sold for $28,000), but I wondered what the most popular foods are for Jesus sightings. It turns out starch is almost always involved. Yummy, yummy, starch.

Here are the foods that often make Jesus show up to the meal.


1. Toast -- All over the world people have come to Christ through their toasted bread. This has become such a phenomenon, some smart guy decided to create and sell the Jesus toaster. So now you can have Jesus and jam every day. Hallelujah!

2. Tortillas -- In addition to the Solis family, a woman making what sounds like a delicious egg, bean, and chile tortilla found the image of Jesus in her breakfast burrito. She even went so far to have it blessed by the local priest.

3. Chips -- Be it tortilla, or potato, Jesus has been showing up in bags of snacks for some time. But by far the most entertaining is the Cheeto Jesus -- or Cheesus.

Other random Jesus sightings in food include a banana, a frozen fish stick, a pierogi, and seitan. So one thing is clear: Jesus wants us to eat.

Have you ever seen Jesus in your food?


Image via michael_reuter/Flickr

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