6 Recipes Using Snow (Not Just Snow Cones!)

Adriana Velez

maple syrup snow candy

I don't know about your part of the world, but the Northeast states are starting to look like the Planet Hoth, we're getting so much snow. I've considered expanding my apartment's square footage by building an igloo on the roof. I just wish all this excess snow could be useful in some way. Isn't there something we could do with it all besides shovel it, throw it, and turn it into sculpture?

Oh wait, we could make food with it! Keep reading for six recipes using snow.

snow recipes graphic

1. Living on a Dime shows you how to make snow ice cream.

2. Leave it to Paula Deen to make the same basic recipe with sweetened condensed milk, though this might come in handy if it never stops snowing and we have to live on whatever remains in our pantry.

Paula Deen's Snow Ice Cream

3. This recipe for snow cones from Epicurious sounds tastier -- and looks much prettier, too. Use real snow instead of shaved ice.

Raspberry-Blueberry Snow Cones

Now that we're talking snow cones, why not use snow for frozen drinks instead of running ice cubes through the blender?

4. Slushy Blended Margaritas from Chow

5. Frozen Daiquiri from DrinksMixer

Close your eyes, turn up the heat, and pretend you're on a tropical vacation! Is it working?!? No? Sigh. Okay, back to the snow.

6. Countryfarm Lifestyles has directions for using snow to make candy: drop honey or maple syrup into snow and it will harden into a round candy instantly.

What are you doing with all your snow?

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