Gadget Scans Your Face, Plans Your Ideal Dinner Menu

Kraft recently unveiled a futuristic kiosk that may soon be able to answer that age-old question, What's for dinner? Realizing that 70 percent of people walk into grocery stores without the slightest idea of what they are going to make that night, the company developed a dinner-planning machine as a prototype along with Intel.

It scans your face and makes suggestions based on what it determines to be your age and gender, as well as what your need might be (like a family dinner, weekend picnic, or party).

You can sync it with an app on your smartphone to generate lists and recipes, and it also dispenses a product sample.


Much as I love the product sample idea (no more worrying how many people have sneezed over that morsel of granola bar!), the rest of it strikes me as very, very suspect.

Let's say it depicts a face that's a bit, say, more ample than average ... is it just going to make suggestions for things like low-fat cheese? What if you've been up with a wailing baby all night and it assumes you're much older than you actually are ... or worse, thinks you're a guy? I hope the designers of this thing made it resistant to getting kicked and/or sworn at. 

Would you use a kiosk like this?

Image via kb35/Flickr

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