Stay Well-Hydrated With a Tall Glass of Meat Water

salmon waterWhen I vowed to consume more meat in the new year, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

MeatWater is a beverage company that makes exactly that -- protein-packed meal supplement drinks (that look questionably similar to Vitaminwater) in meaty favors -- cheeseburger, Italian sausage, beef Stroganoff. Basically, if you've got a craving for animal flesh, there's a water to satisfy you.

No doubt this odd product raises a host of questions. Most prominent, of course, after "why is it so blue?" is simply this: Don't we drink meat water all the time in the form of broth, soup, or even au jus? How is this any different?

Oh, but rarely does our cloudy meat water come in such vibrant psychedelic colors (pink, green, yellow) and such tantalizing flavors. In fact, just wait until you hear about the newest line of MeatWater flavors ...


To ring in the new year -- and the time of year when people are vowing to follow a healthy lifestyle -- MeatWater has introduced a new MeatWater VOID line featuring four mouth-watering meat salad flavors: Grilled Chicken Salad, Poached Salmon Salad, Thai Beef Salad, and Caribbean Shrimp Salad.

That's right, friends: You can now drink your salad. I can barely contain my excitement! And vegans can rejoice, too, because the new drinks are devoid of animal byproduct. Nothing says "healthy" quite like these beverages.

Here's the founder of MeatWater, Till Krautkraemer, talking about his favorite flavor:

The shrimp salad flavor [designed to taste like grilled shrimp, mixed greens, and raspberries] is my favorite because it's really, really tasty. That's become the hero of the line because it can also double as an excellent vodka mixer ... All four drinks are light and totally refreshing, exploding with 300 different flavors engineered by our pros.

Refreshing, indeed.

And, Krautkraemer reminds you that MeatWater is best enjoyed warm, so that the aromas and savory flavorings are heightened.

Although to be honest: The only thing "heightened" at this point is my gag reflex.

Which is exactly the point behind the entire concept. Pretty brilliant, eh?

Would you drink MeatWater?


Image via MeatWater

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