Pizza, Cookie Dough & 'Wyngz' Combo? Are You Serious?

digiorno pizza and wyngz cookie doughEnough with artery-clogging, sodium-raising food combos!!!! As some people fight to keep Americans from blowing up to Wall-E proportions, frozen pizza company DiGiorno thinks it would be great if we all keep stuffing our faces with processed, fatty foods, and they're making it much easier.

Instead of just picking up a processed, frozen DiGiorno pizza, you can now get that with a side of Nestle Toll House cookie dough or chicken 'wyngz.' Let's just assume the funky spelling is so you don't actually think you're getting chicken wings -- because you're not. Instead you're getting processed boneless lumps of chicken, made to look like wings. Hence, the "it's not wings, it's wyngz" designation.

Please save your dignity, America, and do not eat "wyngz."


I realize we need fast dinners sometimes. I know we can't all cook up homemade dinners from fresh, local, organic ingredients. But this overblown, attention-getting, foodesque trend has really got to end. I don't want to step up to my grocer's freezer and find chicken nuggets and chocolate Jell-o pudding pie in the same container. I really don't.

And no matter how tempting a corn dog stuffed with cheese may be, please don't ever put it in the same package as a chocolate-covered Twinkie. At least make unhealthy eaters work for their so-called "food."

DiGiorno, shame on you. How could you go from being a frozen pizza with aspirations of competing with delivery to a sludge factory of craptacular food products? Backwards is the wrong direction, food companies. And hopefully someday your profits will reflect that as well.

Would you buy these combos?


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