Fun Recipes Your Kids Will Love

mac and cheeseThe following is a post from our sponsor Hormel.

How do you get your kids to run to the dinner table? Easy. Just add Hormel® Pepperoni.

While Hormel® Pepperoni has inspired toothless grins in pizza-crazed children for years, it isn’t just for cheesy pies anymore. Today, with the wide variety of pepperoni products available, pepperoni is perking up everything from pasta to salads to sandwiches.


Even picky kids will go crazy for these recipes:

Peppy Mac and Cheese (seen above)

Pepperoni Breadstick Bites



Zesty Pepperoni Mini Pizzas


Classic Pepperoni and Pasta


And try some recipes that are as fun to eat as they are to look at:

Creepy Crawly Pepperoni Fries

french fries


Devil Ray Calzone



Big Eyed Stuffed Peppers

stuffed peppers
Bone Chilling Barracuda Casserole


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