Valentine's Day at White Castle ... How Romantic?

I know times are tough, many of us are struggling to make ends meet, and that requires creative solutions to occasions like Valentine's Day (which are essentially just Hallmark holidays but ones that you don't want to blow off, either).

But celebrating Valentine' Day Dinner at White Castle? Oh no, no no no no.

For many years now, the Porcelain Palace has opened its dining rooms to loving couples on Valentine's Night. It offers white tablecloths, table-side service, candlelight, and decorations. And this year, the staff will even take a complimentary digital photo of you and your sweetie and post it on the company's website.

Because nothing says love and romance like a restaurant known for cheap little burgers with, ahem, unfortunate gastrointestinal consequences.


I'm not hating on White Castle. I'll admit to craving them when I was pregnant. They are also perfect drunk food. (Want to be the most popular person at a party? Show up with a Crave Case about midnight and offer them around.)

But White Castle as a romantic destination? Not so much. What exactly would you wear to a romantic dinner at White Castle? I'm thinking sweatpants, although this might be the one time dining out in your PJs is not only appropriate but almost necessary -- at the very least it should be something that hides ketchup stains.

And what kinds of gifts should you and your sweetie exchange? Instead of perfume, industrial-strength air fresheners in your favorite scents would fit the occasion and come in very handy. Forget the sexy lingerie: White Castle is pretty much the anti-aphrodisiac. Given its calorie and fat count, perhaps a home defibrillator?

What's funny is that the company denies any sense of irony in offering their romantic holiday dinner. It claims it does it because many of their customers either met at a White Castle or have happy memories of sharing a sack. Sure.

Because, really, depending on your and your sweetie's senses of humor, Valentine's Day dinner at White Castle is either the most fun, creative date idea ever ... or the absolute worst.

Would you choose White Castle for your V-Day dinner date?


Image via Sam Howzit/Flickr

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