Lion Meat: It's What's for Lunch


the lion kingLately, abnormal food news has been as plentiful as mass animal deaths. First, we heard about horse as a dinner entree. It's not exactly every day you think about grilling up some stallion. Then, we learned all about donkey milk and its growing popularity (it even comes in chocolate, too!).

So what could be next? I kid you not, a certain Tucson restaurant is scheduled to saute up some African lion meat in February.

Mmmmmm, Simba.

Boca Tacos y Tequila will serve up the meat for $8.75, in a taco.

Wait, really? A taco? Couldn't you do a little better than that? The lion is all powerful. It's strong, mighty, and the king of the jungle. And this Mexican restaurant wants to pair it with a little bit of mild salsa, some fresh cilantro and call it a day?

OK, so we can get over the obvious poor choice of preparation. And after hearing about other food trends, you may not even be the least bit shocked that lion meat is making it to the cook's line. Because let's be serious: What wild beasts aren't us non-tribal sorts eating these days?

According to the Food and Drug Administration, lion meat is completely fair game. As long as the species isn't endangered -- there's no regulation whatsoever about putting it on the menu. So that means we can look forward to tasting hedgehog, giraffe, baboon, aardvark, and cheetah in a local shop sometime soon, right?

There's something to be said for being a food connoisseur and trying new things. It's fun to be adventurous and flirt with new flavors. But when does the adventurous chef and cutting edge restaurateur become someone who's just killing new animals to make a name for themself? Why can't we just get a little bit friendlier with the spice rack?

Maybe I'm a bit sheltered and just used to what I know. I love meat, I do. And unfortunately in today's food culture -- cows, pigs, and the like are raised specifically for consumption. These other animals, however, aren't. And continuing to hunt them down to create "delicacies" won't leave off the endangered species list for long.

Lion. OK. But please, at least stay away from mice. I can't bear to think of Mickey a la vodka.

What do you think about lion tacos?

Image via jimw/Flickr

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bills... billsfan1104

I don't think I could eat it, but I guess others eat it in other countries because they have too? Ever watch that show with Andrew Zimmerm? He eats penis and crap like that.

Lokis... LokisMama

I don't think it would really taste that good.  Predators usually don't.  I think the only exception to that rule that I've ever tried was Alligator, but alligators also are not mammals.

nonmember avatar MaineBanga

Meat is nasty and causes disease. Lions aren't endangered? So would you eat your child on a bun if it became the new thing?? The U.S. may have some money, but its thinking is way behind the 3rd World at times.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I wouldn't try it because I'm not adventurous with proteins, but I can see it being really popular on menus with the foodie crowd  - it's organic, free-range, no hormones or antibiotics, etc etc etc.  I think if there were more quality options for regular domestic meat, it wouldn't stand a chance.

AngiDas AngiDas

That seems like a really bad idea.

Mrs.K... Mrs.Killer09

that's terrible! just goes to show how gluttonous and disgusting the human race is becoming. we don't eat for survival anymore. i mean no offense to anyone who reads this at all, but you have to admit, morals have went WAY down hill with time. i wish more people would try being a vegan, even if just for a week. i can guarantee that not only will they feel TONS better in that short window of time, but that they will actually BE physically healthier. There's a lot of non-animal things in this world for nourishment, there's plenty to go around, so what's stopping you?

Yasmin Yasmin

Ewww, wrong! Lions are canibals, which leads me to believe that they would taste really nasty. Besides, I agree with Mrs.Killer09.

We are going to cause extinction of the everything. Don't we cause enough damage?

Lindsey Speir

I would try it just  to say hey i got to eat lion but i will try anything once. I love meat and will never stop eating meat i am a carnivore!

nonmember avatar Lauren

I'd prefer it if instead of finding new animals to slaughter theyd work in finding healthier and animal friendlier alternative to meat. I've never heard that thing about carnivores being yucky, but if so it makes sense that they'd stick it in a taco with lots of spices.... Just wasteful. Although u wonder id feel less guilty eating a carnivoire than a defenseless grass eater....... Probably not, lol.

jeannet jeannet

I never unterstood how we as a society think ok cow, pig, chicken, are great but any time some other animal is talked about everyone get crazy.

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