Finally! Organic Milk Deemed Healthier Than Regular

milk organicJust revealed: What many of us knew all along -- organic milk really is more nutritious than conventional milk! This news had people like me forwarding the recent study (funded by the EU) to friends, family, and colleagues under the subject line "See, I f***ing told you!!!"

Organic advocates rejoice, we have more proof for our camp. In addition to stating the obvious -- that we're better off without pesticide residues and trace amounts of antibiotics and artificial hormones -- we can now tout superior nutritional quality as another reason why organic milk is worth it.


What do the researchers mean by more nutritious? Organic milk was found to be lower in saturated fat and higher in more healthful omega-3 fatty acids. Some experts suggest this may actually be more due to the amount of time cows spend on pasture. Organic cows in the UK eat more grass and less grain, which may account for the increased omega-3s.

While this is good news to those of us willing and able to buy organic milk, I can't help wondering about women who are on assistance. Did you know that in most states, WIC doesn't allow you to choose organic milk? Even if you're managing your WIC dollars carefully and manage not to overspend, you aren't allowed to use WIC money on organic milk.

Washington State says they could find "no nutritional benefit" of organic over conventional. Now that there's evidence contradicting that statement, will states change their policy? And why is pesticide-free, nutrient-rich food still considered a luxury poor people aren't worthy of? If you're not convinced by the omega-3 boost, what about the cost the American public pays for chronic illnesses associated with pesticides in our food?

Check this list to see if your state doesn't allow women on WIC to purchase organic milk.


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